Saturday, September 6, 2008

Who felt the most sorry for me???

Well, the ebay bidding is over...and guess who felt the most sorry for me...drumroll././. Tammy at GratefulinGA. What blows me away is just the fact that I thought oh maybe I can sell this for 10 dollars and give the money to Debra for her adoption and it went for $71. Please go over and get to know Tammy and read some of her testimony. Her reward is in heaven but I am so glad that God cares so much about Debra and her heart to adopt her sweet son in Haiti. He is so amazing. Words do Him no justice. For all of my friends that bid...I know it was because you had a kingdom agenda and God see's that. I love you all so much


GratefulinGA said...

No pity here Jenny!

Thank you for the honor and opportunity to be a part of such a blessing!

Have a wonderful and blessed Sunday!

debra said...

I have not been able to stop [happy] crying all day...

...and now this.

I cannot take all His goodness.

Thank you everyone! Thank you.

Bev Brandon said...

okay, i MISSED an eBay sale!!!
whatever "it" was --- that's so neat you did it for Debra!!!

Brooke said...

I can't believe "my" Tammy beat me out of "my" painting.....

ok...maybe I stopped at 40 something but hey, I'm still broke from San Antonio ....hahahahaha

Congrats Tammy...I guess.


Fran said...

So, that is who I was in a bidding war with???!!! JK...I loved it. I'm glad she won it.

Go Debra go!!!