Thursday, September 4, 2008

The weekend and etc

Here is the low down. I took Morgan to see her sisters grave...she could care less. She wanted the toys from the other babies graves. Then, She takes off...and I mean takes off running through the cemetery chasing a squirrel. I was talking with a woman who just lost her husband of 34 years (2 weeks ago) due to a massive heart attack. My heart just broke for her and I felt bad that I had to chase down Morgan in the middle of listening to her speak of her lonely nights. After I got the wild monkey, I asked her if I could pray over her and while praying Morgan was slapping me and etc. I didn't want to have to spank her during the prayer with this sweet mourning lady. GRACE.

Here is a pic I took at the lake. It does no justice to the Marvelous wonder of our Creator God's sun that day.

Morgan at church with her rain hat on

Preschool pics (this is the class Rod and I keep...we literally take kids to the potty the whole about the Lord sweetly humbling us. I just want to serve wherever He wants me even if it means wiping fannies for an hour).

Morgan on her second day back to preschool. Such a big girl.

Morgan and her cousin Leah...look at them there teeth


Us in our jammies

more to come...My laptop cord melted so I am waiting on one that I won from ebay.

A couple of funny things:
Morgan was crying today and I said baby do you know that the Lord stores all of your tears in a bottle?
To which she said: yes!
Well, I guess He let her in on that one a lot earlier than me. We are going to have some huge bottles.

Then, I asked her to put money in her bag to take to church and she said, "No, I not give my money to Mr. Jim." LOL because he is her Sunday school teacher the second hour and the money is an offering they put in the mouth of a frog. I told her the money was for Jesus...not Mr. Jim. There is selfishness at it's best!!


Honea Household said...

You crack me up! I love hearing you tell stories about Morgan.

GratefulinGA said...

What are the ages of your pre-schoolers?? I teach a group of 2 1/2 to 3 year olds. We basically keep them in play for over an hour, and shout hallelujah if we can teach them a verse or song.

very humbling but oh so rewarding!

My granddaughter accepted Christ at 4 years old (I know...very young) but when she asked me to help her ask Jesus in her heart...whoa did she ever know what she was asking.

She kicked serious hiney at her Baptism class of more than 40 people. Putting up her little hand and answering tough questions some adults might have struggled with.

The girl now regularly asked friends, classmates and teachers if they have ask Jesus to be their Savior, do they know what it means and would they like to do it now.
She basically walks 'em down the Roman road.

I attribute her heart and knowledge of Father, Son and Holy Spirit on all the teachers that poured themselves into her. No doubt many of them wondered if what they were doing made a lick of so did!

Let that bring you both comfort and encouragement as you serve each week.

As my Kyra likes to say,
"You just never know."

God Bless You Both!

Michelle V said...

I remember how difficult things can sometimes be with a little one! I do know that your time with that woman at the cemetary blessed her, though, and she probably didn't notice the things with Morgan as much as you did!


Fran said...

Well, you know how I feel about you and Morgan being in the precious.

She's a beautiful little girl and I love how you tell about her.

And...remember Beth telling about falling in love with Jesus in baby bear chairs??!! You keep sharing the love!!


ocean mommy said...

That little thing is so cute. She could probably teach Bible Study to her friends in pre-school!

Charity said...

Morgan really does look like such a big girl!! That last pic of the two of you is PRECIOUS!!!!

Hope y'all have a fun weekend!

Sherry said...

have I told you lately how much I love you?

And your hair!?!?!??!!??

and your skirt...