Sunday, December 7, 2008

Esther It is Tough Being A Woman-By Beth Moore

It is time again! If you live near me (you will know if you do) you are so invited to join us for Esther. It is so easy GO HERE and sign up and then purchase your workbook from Lifeway. They are $14.99 plus tax. The room we are meeting in is s107-108. I hope you can come. Invite anyone that you want! It is going to be great and the workbook was incredible!!!!!!!!!!


Andreea said...

How awesome that you get to do this one!!! I am looking fwd to reading and entries that you should post about it. I started working on "Believing God" last week, and when I'm done with that, i have the "Psalms" to go. After that, I will def. be doing Esther.

Have fun!

Btw, may I contact you over Facebook? Or is that strictly for people you know in real life? (as opposed to the online)

darla said...

I wonder if Scott would let me come to your study for however many weeks this one is...I want to do it soooo badly!! sooo would I be the first to travel from PA to hear you lead a study?? love you girl! praying for you, and eating those yummy cookies..then off to the gym..yes everything in moderation.. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to pray about this and talk to E. If I ditch my family on that night I can swing it....the fam or Esther? Hmmmmm You know I'm leaning toward Esther b/c I have a belly full of them most all the time LOL! J

Amy said...

You need to do a webcast for your studies so all of your blogging siestas can join in! I registered today! SO excited!!

Andreea said...

Yeah I agree. I had people tell me for a long time "You have to forigve and then become their best friend because you're a Christian". And so I was like " they can do whatever they want and it's okay just b/c they're not Christians." Plus the way it was being "taught" was that forgivness makes what was done okay. Definetly was NOT going there. And then I heard Beth teach on how it's not that forgiveness makes what they've done be "okay" but that it'slike your Fed-Ex-ing the entire thing to God and letting Him deal with it so you don't hafta.

I seriously wonder where this woman was "hidden" for the entire time I was in high school and college; I could have used her teachings so much. But I love that I discovered her teachings now.

I've been trying to find you on Facebook and didn't get too far. If you want you can friend me. My full name is Andreea Boti. I'm in Louisiana, and you should see a pic of my and my dog (withour Santa Hats) my profile pic. :) Have a great evening!

April in real life said...

awww... I am so sad I don't live there any more! Ahhh maybe God will move me back one day and we can do bible study again - together- in the same city & room! =) Any way I have it on my wish list for Christmas so if I get the cd set I will do it along with you from a far... hugs!

Profbaugh said...

Hey Jenny,

A live webcast would be pretty easy to do. Think about it. Then the rest of us at distance could join in. Just a thought.

Also, Family Christian has the Esther workbook on sale for $14.99 (it's usually more there since it's a Lifeway publication). So for those folks who can't find it at Lifeway, you might point them to Family Christian.


He Knows My Name said...


Brilliant idea, how could this be done or a video?

I'd be in for sure.

hugs, janel

creative gal said...

I will be praying for your group and ask that you prayer for our study as we embark upon ESTHER! :o)

HIS Daughter said...

You are so adorable! I knew that there must be a reason Beth just "fell in love" with you.

You are darling! I'm going to start Esther after Christmas with a group here in Virginia, but I've already started on my ipod and in my workbook by myself. I would love to see what you guys are learning and having GOD show you.

Have you listened on your ipod yet? I have bawled my eyes out - twice!! The other times I just cried some.

It's amazing!! Beth is amazing and annoited and GOD - HE is all glorious and the Giver of the life that makes it all amazing - for HIS glory!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny. I am leading this study at my church as well. I simply cannot wait! Most of the women at my church were not familiar with Beth Moore's studies, but little by little they are falling in love with the way she leads us right to the throne of Grace through her in-depth studies.

I pray that God richly blesses your study!