Saturday, December 13, 2008

Proof from the mouth of a babe that God made us male and female

I met Mary Snyder for lunch yesterday and I was so blessed. She wasn't so blessed with my gabbing I am sure. ;)
Well, she bought Morgan the CUTEST gloves ever and me a star ornament that says Hope.
She is the real deal. I love her and her precious personality and the willingness to meet with someone like me. THE highlight of our visit was when Morgan had the three of us hold hands (in Chili's) and play ring around the rosies (sp) in the middle of the restaurant and yes people were looking. What a sport!!! I mean who would do that?

The next thing. The moon was so incredible tonight and as soon as I saw it I FREAKED. It took me by surprise. I rushed as fast as I could to the end of a mall area parking lot (with three cops sitting there) and I got out to take pictures I didn't even care that I was not driving correctly through the parking lot I was so dumbstruck. My pics stunk!! I said "PRAISE YOU LORD for that masterpiece...You were already in this day before it came to be." Morgan said, "Praise You Lord!" It cracks me up at the things she says! Let the Lord ordain some praise.

On to the part that maybe I shouldn't share. Remember my kid is innocent and she is three! I was bathing her tonight and she said, "Momma, I don't have a stick like the boys in my class or daddy." I died laughing, and died laughing...there was no other response I could come up with. She is in preschool and the kids all share the same bathroom in the class. I am sorry but that is just proof that God made us male and female!!


Leah said...

Well, she is certainly observant. Probably will be a scientist when she grows up!! What a hoot!! LOL


jenlovesthelord said...

LOL!!! That's so funny! Your morgan stories always makes me smile :) The full moon was something else. I always love when full moons come around.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to hold it against y'all that I couldn't make lunch but definately a rain check is in order LOL!!!

At my house we have to discuss why I don't have a stick and how then do I go potty and why they are glad they are boys because then never will they have their "stomach cut open" to have a baby~~not sure where they got that whole ordeal! From the mouths of babes is a scream most always.

Tootles, J

Cindy said...

She is so funny! I remember when my 21 year old daughter made the same observation. Then we had to launch into the conversation about how God made boys and girls different.

Children are so amazing. Thanks for sharing your Morgan stories with us.


Mary said...

Love it! Sticks! How cute.
It was a blast meeting you two! You are such a sweet spirit and the real deal, too! I love the Ring around the Rosies thing, too and wrote a blog about it. Okay, I've now used my quota of exclamation points for the day....

lavonda said...

That's adorable!

My dtr told me years ago at about the same age (she has an older brother 4 yrs older) that she must've had one, but she thinks it broke off.

Yolanda said...

Your the second Siesta to post about the Moon. Darn, I missed it!


Jenny Hope, you have so much HOPE!!!


ocean mommy said...

The moon was stunning here too! Our God is so Awesome!!!

And Morgan has Chad and I in tears laughing...she is too funny. :)

Sharon said...

The moon looked amazing here in Texas, too. I took some pics on Friday night but they didn't come out so great, either. I love hearing how you and Morgan praised God for beautiful precious the exclamation of praise must have sounded to our Abba Father!

Morgan is sooo cute! LOL! I haven't had that talk with my little ones yet; nor have they inquired...YET. It's just a matter of time, I'm sure. :)

Melinda said...

Upon the sight of her little boy-friend going potty, my then 3-year-old daughter took her turn STANDING in front of the potty and was mystified that she ended up standing in a puddle! She simply couldn't understand why it worked for him and not for her!

Excited to see you in January!


GratefulinGA said...

LOL!! Too sweet, and it has only just begun :0)