Saturday, September 11, 2010


Y'all I just had to deactivate facebook. I am really working on cleaning house spiritually speaking and for now I have got to get more focused. Anything that is truly hindering me in the Lord has to go until things are in their proper place so to speak. =) I lived without it before and I can do it again...amen! I really want to press on to know the Lord and if I have spare time it needs to be spent on Him.

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Dori said...

Hey friend,

God has me RIGHT THERE, too! You knew that, though. I'm here for encouragement. It is hard because everyone seems to think that YOU JUST HAVE to be on fb!! ;)

I'm pressing in, too. If God speaks, share it with me. Sister, I need it!!!


April Mechelle said...

Jenny, I am thinking about doing the same. So much negative going around on FB. I have had to de-friend some so called friends. I need to still postive and upbeat. I also need to get closer to The Lord. I am thinking of spending more time in prayer and bible study than on Facebook. Glad I am not the only person that is closing the door on FB.

Emily said...

hey girl :) I was just trying to flip over to your page because I was curious to see if you had spoken at that women's conference yet that you mentioned. When I couldn't find ya at first I thought maybe you had defriended me,lol. I know exactly what you mean about facebook among other distractions. I have gotten off a few times myself because of that smae reason, it does distract me from being with the Lord, especially now that the kids are in school. Hope you are doing well girl, take care :)

Toknowhim said...

I totally get you girl... It seems I am in the process continually...I don't always get it right, but I keep working toward the goal :)

April said...

Girl - I totally get that!!!!

Anonymous said...

For some reason I stumbled on you blog. I was searching for articles on holiness, and found your article. to my surprise reading further.. I to made changes to my facebook account. I "de-friended" quite a few people on facebook 2 weeks ago. This is not normal for me, as I am older and it is my social contact. Some were even my family. I felt regret and wondered if I did the right thing. When I read your blog, and see that others are being called away from it I now understand. Thank you.

The Gluten Free Bluebird said...

jenny, I so understand this predicament - so glad I found you though, like the others I was worried about the whole de-friending thing. I am hoping to practice more FB in moderation but I will keep checking back with you on your blog to see what God speaks to you while you are un-facebooking :)

The Gluten Free Bluebird said...

jenny - so glad I found you, I too was worried like the others that we were "not friends" on FB anymore! I totally understand this predicament and I hope to practice more FB in moderation myself. I will certainly keep checking your blog for updates and posts to see what you and God are up to while you are un-facebooking :)