Saturday, April 4, 2009

Little Joe

Morgan BEGGED me, I mean begged me to buy her the Veggie Tales NIrV bible. My friend Ron at Lifeway (who works in the bibles and prays over me every time I go there) cracked up as she laid prostrate on the floor in the aisle. I refused to buy it until it went on sale. When I saw it went half price, I jumped on it! She sure knows how to get me throw a fit for a bible. LOL.
So, today (I actually got to take a bath BY MYSELF, but not really) Morgan came and set next to the shower and said Mommy read me a story about Little Joe (Joseph) and his jealous brothers. Well, one thing I am not doing with her is graving images in her mind of things like Daniel sitting around cuddling with the Lions, or the cute little arc with all the cutesy animals. I tone it down but Noah's ark is a picture of destruction over God's holiness and the wickedness of man. Its not a cute little story that we need to paint on the wall. If we painted the accurate picture it would be an ark over the mountains with dead bodies floating all in a flood. Do I tell her all of that? Not yet, but I do not want her to see God's word as some ancient book that is made up of fairytales. Call me overboard.
Here is what cracked me up today. I started to tell her the account of Joseph and I just really got into detail and told her what a brat Joseph was and about his dreams. I told her how Joe's dad had multiple wives and he favored Joe and Benjamin since they were Rachels children. I went on and on like I would to adults. Then, I said do you want me to tell you the rest...and she said NO! So, I am sticking to one of the best bibles I have found for her age that is more accurate and to say she loves it is an understatement.

children really are such a joy.


Toknowhim said...

Jenny Girl... Hey there :)

I just posted my friend Shelia's post from today on my blog... It is a powerful post. I thought you might be interested in reading it because I feel like you and Shelia kind of write the same way...with passion and fervor and you encourage us to do the hard work... Any how, you came to mind so I thought I would let you know..

Blessings Girl!!

Lora said...

Yes, children are such a joy! I love hearing the Chronicles of Morgan!