Monday, April 13, 2009

Missing Alabaster Girl

Please pray for this girl who is missing. HERE is the news story.

Also, PLEASE pray for my friend Bev Brandon. She means so much to me and she has cancer. Morgan and I just prayed for her a little while ago. Please pray for complete healing, deliverance from this fiery trial, strength, and peace. She is so precious to me.


Toknowhim said...

Hey Sweet Girl..

Bev is so dear to many of us...she is special, and will be in my prayers too.

I have a request for you...the verse about "a righteous man's prayers availeth much" comes to my mind when I think of you... Would you pray for my mother, who had open heart surgery four months ago, and then last week had to have another surgery to unclog the artery in her neck. We know that God brought her through both surgeries, but in the last week she has been overtaken by fear and anxiety. She has had panic attacks for almost her whole life, and she wants to win this battle with the Lord, but she is struggling...

Sweet one, I know you are dealing with your own battle right now, but I know you (from the blog :) to be a mighty warrior and would be honored if you prayed for my mother... Her name is Donna.

Blessings to you.. Kim

Fran said...

Praying for Bev. Praying for all of us. Seems as if we have so much going on among us all.

Love you much,