Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Morgan stories

These stories are really so I will remember them later:

First off, Rod had to go into a poultry plant the other night because he sells chemicals to them. He has to do something with sanitation. I don't need the details and he normally doesn't talk to me about work. The only info I get is when he is talking to his friend/co-worker on the phone, and like Sarai (from the bible) I listen in. They didn't call me radar when I was little for nothing.

Well, Morgan was FLIPPING out about going with him. She told him she would go and just stay in the car. I DON'T THINK SO. I did that in our earlier years of marriage, really out of insecurity, and I had to sit outside of a chicken plant and I was SCARED to death. Rod and I get so tickled over that to this day. He says, "yeah babe you thought I was going to see my girlfriend at the poultry plant."

I tried to pull out all the stops to get her to calm down and finally I resorted to google and I "showed her where daddy was going".

So, she still doesn't understand that this is what she eats. I am no animal rights activist. My man is a BIG hunter. But since I am such a visual person this is forever etched in my mind and one of the many reasons why I will not eat chicken anymore.

So, Morgan was then scared for Rod's life after Exhibit A.

I went to the sink for fear that I was about to throw up. I told Rod that I had no idea this is some of the stuff he did to provide for us. I could not stomach it.

On to other Morgan stories. Usually, when I leave the house she is going with me AT ALL TIMES. She is going through some attachment with her dad now and stays behind sometimes. She puts her shoes on, goes out to the car, and for her goodbye she says, "Mom, don't have a wreck." Such comforting words.

She also loves to exercise and on our "exercise" trips she normally turns them into a nature scavenger hunt. By the time we get back home I have about 4 pine cones and a host of flowers in my hands (that I told her I would not hold). She got so mad at me last night because I threw her pine cones away. The funny thing is she calls them "pine corns". It just cracks me up.

Our next door neighbors name is Cecil and Morgan calls him Recil. Well his cat got in our house the other day and if you know know I am not about to pick up a cat. Morgan was yelling at him to get out from underneath her mommies bed. Then she said, "Momma! I am allergic to cats!!" I really am so it just makes me chuckle when she says it. So, she runs across the yard to get "Recil" and says, "Recil, your cat is in my house. You need to come get him! We are allergic to cats!" I about died but was secretly glad that she did my bidding. Then, his cat was at the door and she put her hand out (which meant STOP) and told the cat..."cat, STOP. I AM ALLERGIC TO YOU! Go away." I promise I am not teaching her this stuff.

She is so turning out to be "little Jenny" (bless her). She even calls herself that at times. She takes her bible to gymnastics and is so proud because her sweet teacher reads a story out of it. Then, today I was just praising the Lord (yes I am a dancing, hand lifter demonstrative worshiper) and she had to come get in on it. It is times like that when the Holy Spirit just fills the place and in a brief moment of time there you are having the opportunity to get a little taste of heaven. Life can stink and be so hard and there are so many times with her that bring such joy to my day.

She will talk to everyone (she gets that honest) and today we stopped and talked to this man at his mailbox. He works for the power company but is also a "magician". He told her that and of course her dad and I have told her there is no such thing as magic. So, she was clearly not impressed. I am so serious. He did some weird quarter trick, she just wanted the stinking quarter. He got into one part where he bit the quarter and she said that was gross and that we do not bite money or put it in our mouth. LOL!!!!

Then, he told us of some doves he had in the backyard and a rabbit that he had. Inside I was praying that he would not invite us to see them and don't worry...Morgan told him we were allergic and that we do not have pets. Thank you Lord.

And so I won't bore you anymore...whenever she hears a bad word like hate or stupid she gasps VERY LOUD and says that is a bad word. We do not say bad words!! She gets that from me. I seriously get appalled at the TV and gasp instinctively and she has picked up on it (and Rod and everyone else makes fun of me for trying to be the poster girl for TV Guardian). The guy we ran into was just cussing away and she would gasp, pause, and say "that is a bad word". She didn't understand his "real cuss words". I need to teach her Ephesians 4:29 so she can just quote that when she needs it. j/k

Sometimes it is so stinking hard for me to discipline her because she makes me laugh so much.

She begged me to buy her an exercise ball and it came with a Pilate's DVD. I walked in the room a few days ago and she had that DVD in and I heard her say ok...ok...ok...put your foot here...OK. I died laughing. I have never done Pilate's. Then, she said, "mom that DVD was so boring the lady said do this and do that (in her most sarcastic voice)". She did want to do it again the next day and I was like have at it but I am not doing it. LOL.

I could go on...but I will spare you. Sometimes my posts are so serious and I just wanted to be a little light hearted. I never knew a 5 lb baby girl would steal my heart the moment they laid her on my chest. I thought my heart would explode. Don't get me wrong we have our days!!! But I thank God for the simplicity of a child.


Toknowhim said...

My favorite is that she brings her Bible to precious...

You are passing along a godly heritage sweet Jenny...

Lindsee said...

These stories crack me up! Hilarious.

Super B's Mom said...

She is absolutely PRECIOUS!! What an independant little girl she is -that is wonderful and scary for a mommy!

You are a GREAT mom!!

Traci said...

Funny, funny, funny. I would like her. She sounds sassy :-)

Lora said...

Jenny, you could write a book with all the sweet, funny and precious Morgan moments you have. You could call it Morgan Moments. She is darlin'. I love that she takes her Bible to gymnastics.

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...