Thursday, March 6, 2008

are you sitting down?

While some people were taking home economics in high school...I was taking computer classes. It has paid off for me in the long run. Now that I am a professional stay at home mom (working toward working from home) I have suffered greatly from my lack of home-ec skillz.

I never learned to sew on a sewing machine.

So almost 3 years ago I enrolled in some sewing classes. Not only did they not do me any good I went in the hospital on bed rest before I could finish them. Rod hounded me for a L-O-N-G time about learning to sew.

So today I decided I was going to try to learn on my own. This is courage people.

I break out the machine and pray like a mad woman.

Lord, please please I am begging you please help me to learn how to load the thread on the bobbin thing...or whatever you call it Lord...You know what it is called...You truly are the author of this thing. Please help me with some divine sewing intervention! In Jesus' Name.

I kid you not...angels must have come down from heaven...and I give all praise and glory to Him!
Because guess what people! I did it! I sewed up a little green gingham dress for the Morgster!

Forget patterns...and running to the fabric store! I used some Proverbs 31 skills and cut up an old curtain just for practice!

This really is a miracle! Now I will be getting in contact with Rods mom to see if I can get some more mad sewing skillz!

Don't let me get to proud on ya I am just beginning.


pinkmommy said...

Very impressive! I have a friend who is a home ec teacher at the local high school. She gave a big group of us sewing lessons a couple of years ago. I got really good at sewing silkies and taggies, but that is about it. One of my "classmates" has since quit her full time high paying job to stay home and sew diaper bags, kids clothes, bedding, etc...overachiever. :)

Heather said...

Oh good...don't give up. keep trying. i'm still wanting/needing to learn too. we'll have to get together sometime and trade tips ;)

Heather said...

Oh good...Keep going! Post a picture of it!

Heather said...

You go girl! Proud of you b/c I have no sewing skills and with boys have no desire to get any soon. Maybe if #3 is a girl you can teach me but i won't hold my breath I think (and hope) it's a boy. :)

debra said...

So proud of YOU!

Although, you are super wether you sew or not.

Profbaugh said...

Woo Hoo!!! You go girl. I'm shouting all the way from good ol' St. Louie. Can you hear me????

Just take it one stitch at a time!

Tam said...

"Forget patterns...and running to the fabric store! I used some Proverbs 31 skills and cut up an old curtain just for practice!"

That had me on the floor girl!!!

You are crazy, in a great way! Girls, I have a feeling when we're all in Heaven together - we'll always know where Jenny's at =))) I'm just sayin!


Anonymous said...

I think we would all agree that it is greatly needed for you to post a pic of your new creation! Keep it could be the next contestant on Projct Runway! lol

bookworman said...

Way to go! Take it from a former home ec student that is a big accomplishment. I have found for me it has definately not been a case of "it coming back to me." At one time I was quite the seamstress. Now after over 20 years I have basic skills but am far from where I used to be.
You are awesome! Keep at it!

jennyhope said...

I am going to get rod to take a pic with his camera phone to post on here since my stinking camera wont upload!

ps i made homemade cinnamon rolls this week. i do not recommend the jiffy recipe. it tasted like biscuits with cinnamon and sugar. I really think I was expecting them to taste like pillsbury or something. boo =(

Honea Household said...

You need to visit:

The things she makes are so creative. She amazes me. She made a dress for her little girl out of her husbands shirt. So cool. She might be willing to give you some tips!

I do not know how to sew either. My hubby does though. And he's great at it too! :) He can decorate better than I can, too. He's so wonderful.

Bev Brandon said...


BethAnne said...

I am sooooo proud of you friend! My husband refers to my sewing machine as the "wasted $500".

Charity said...

You are SO cracking me up! I so needed a dash of your humor today!

I sewed some with my grandmother when I was little, just some pillows. Last year I bought a sewing machine from Target in the hopes of making Landon some outfits. I haven't used it yet, but I plan to. Ha! No...I really do plan on learning to use it! Kids clothes are SO expensive these days, and they only wear them a few times it seems like and then they have outgrown them!

You need to post some pictures of your masterpiece!! Is your camera still broken?

Are y'all supposed to get any snow tonight? They say we will get 1-3 inches, but I will believe it when I see it!!


Fran said...

WHOA!!! I'm most impressed and CANNOT wait to see the Morgster in her darling dress. You go girl.

Can't sew a lick, but I'm thrilled for ya!!


stacey said...

I'm impressed!! I wouldn't know what to do if I sat in front of a sewing machine!! You need to post a picture of the dress!!

wornoutwoman said...

I don't think my last comment took. As I left it and it didn't record. I just wan to say how amazing you and your faith is. And isn't God awesome in his faithfulness as well? Every day I'm amazed at His gifts. How cool is it that you sewed for the first time....YAY!

connorcolesmom said...

Oh I wanted a picture!
but seriously way to go that is really impressive. I know how to sew but it stresses me out. I have boys so it is not practical to sew their clothes! All they want to wear are jeans and a t-shirt - THANK YOU LORD!
Have a great weekend - I hear you all are suppose to get snow!

NYC said...

Tht is so awesome! I always wanted to learn how to sew, but I don't aspire to end up in the emergency room :) I am just not a crafty person :)

SnappyCasualGifts said...

Congrats on the sewing. My mother in law is going to teach me. I couldn't get my tension right & my thread kept breaking. When you get your camera back show us pics.

Sherry said...

WOW! I have been meaning to make one for Lily since she was like, born. Now I can just get you to do it! WOO HOO!

Faith said...

No way! You are amazing! Wow, that is the power of prayer right there, girl! Looking forward to the pic of that dress! :)

Julie said...

I think it's awesome that you made a dress for your little one, who by the ways is ADORABLE!

I had home ec in high school and that was it. What finally got me sewing was 21 years ago I wanted to make a smocked dress for my 6 month old daughter. My sister-in-law had taught me to smock, now I needed to know how to put the thing I just sat down and tried to follow instructions and I did it!!!

And I just kept going for many years!

You can do it!!!!


PS. There are so many tutorials online that you could probably find some free sewing tutorials.