Wednesday, March 19, 2008

thrift store adventures

As I have said in the past I am all about a good deal. Morgan and I sometimes go to the thrift store near us which is almost like going back in time. I feel like we are in the movie Napoleon Dynamite
when we venture there (which is seriously one I could watch over and over). We once lost the charger to Morg's power wheels and guess what! I found one at the thrift store...score!
Today, I was on a mission to find a computer monitor. I have a laptop and we had two monitors go out on our server computer and I was not about to invest in another one. I found one that matched my computer for $9.95. Rod was very proud of my resourceful skillz because now we no longer have to take turns with my laptop. I did see a girl wearing a mask in the toy section... aw I thought I feel bad she must have something wrong with her...but then I noticed she wasn't wearing it in other parts of the store. She must have wanted protection from the possible lice infested stuffed animals or something. I still can't seem to get it through to Morgan as to why we will not be buying stuffed animals at the thrift store.

I even found a cute little skirt for Morgan that was 99 cents. I said Morgan do you like this and to my total shock she said, "It's cute momma...I'll get it". LOL because she pulled that out of nowhere. She already has a taste for clothes and shoes just like me.

I was browsing around and this woman starts to look at me...sizing me up and all. Oh no! I hate this I know what she is about to we go (I think all of this in my head). She is about to do what so many have done to me in retail, she is going to pull me into a sizing issue.

She proceeds with Um, what size do you wear about a seven? Thanks lady. No offense to anyone but I am short so if I wore that (I am not knocking on anyone who does) but if I did I would be very chunky. I then proceed to tell her my size since she asked. I spent the next...I kid you not...fifteen minutes helping her try to figure out her pregnant friends size. The stuff she was picking out was pretty bad...there was a reason why someone gave it up! It was sweet of her though. Inside I felt bad for the pregnant co-worker that was getting these little delights because of course she would have to wear them to work since this sweet lady went to the trouble. She didn't ask my fashion opinion, only sizes, so I just stuck with it until Morgan had enough. But please don't pull anyone into your sizing issues...LOL! It is like asking someone if they are pregnant when they are not.

When we left we saw Jesus night lights and I thought that was just wrong and I really did laugh at the strange marketing lengths that people go to in trying to market Jesus (as if). No offense if you have the Jesus night light...but that wasn't my Jesus on the night light. He looks so weak. Maybe the nightlight business should just stick to other things.


Profbaugh said...

Okay, Jenny. If you ever make a trip to St. Louis, I'm going to have to take you thrift store shopping. Yes, I love a bargain!


Sherry said...

1) I wish it was living water I was talking about, that would be spiritual. This however, was me watching TV and seeing that commercial for life water and after one drink they busted into thriller!!! :D

2) I must say I am a little more than bitter about the size 7. I am breaking a commandment and coveting... God forgive me cause I want your beautiful little waist!

3) I love the thrift store, we must venture together sometime!

4) You know good and well that that is you selling that Jesus night light on ebay!! Haha I love you!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

Hey are you free Saturday night??? Heather and I want to eat Mexican and wondered if you and Morgan were available??

connorcolesmom said...

I love the Thrift store in B'ham/ Everytime I go to my parents house I always go there and get the best deals. The one here where I live is not near as good or as big!
Have a great Easter weekend!

mandy said...


i had someone ask me yesterday if i was pregnant.... um - nope.... and just days before i had a bunch of girls remark on me having lost weight.

can those to scenarios be matched up at all???

StaceyStace said...

I almost went to the Thrift Store today, too! Mark teased me that we need to make a budget line for it. I rarely get a chance to go, though, so I usually hit up all the consignment shops at the same time. I never shop at the mall until I have gotten everything I can possibly get for 99 cents.

Leigh said...

Funny! I will bet you were at the thrify I shop at too. I have seen the mask lady too and wondered..
One of these days I think we will cross paths. LOL! Dont size me up either (Smile)

Charity said...

That was a HILARIOUS story!! I would LOVE to go shopping with you! I totally needed that laugh today!