Friday, March 7, 2008

Baby daddy got a new ride (and other blog-worthy things)

Rod got a new ride. Gas prices are sky high, as you know, and his truck has seen her better days (he works in sales and does A TON of driving). My man is 12 years my senior and if you have a problem with that please reference with me some age differences IN THE BIBLE...Ruth and Boaz, Abe and Sarai, and I will spare you any more. You also may be silently wondering was Jenny (don't you love how I speak in 3rd person) looking for a dad when she married Rod? Nope, Jenny was walking with the Lord and received plenty-o-confirmation that Rod was the man for her to marry via much prayer. She already had the Father issue settled in Christ. So age really isn't an issue with us, I just don't think I have ever mentioned that on the blog. I did however grow up really fast and I didn't have much in common with the guys my age. Sometimes, I do have to remind Rod that his name rhymes with God but it is Rod...not God and that we will leave all parenting Jenny issues to God. No, but really I reference the age difference because you may remember my VAN post from back in the day. You can really tell that Rico Suave (a.k.a. Rod) is really starting to show his age in his lack of vanity. I am just not there yet...kidding. I guess I am just a tad more immature ;). He is now driving a Buick. So when you see a really fine guy next to you in a white buick...don't think it is going to be a Paw Paw behind the wheel. Now please before anyone takes offense...I am playing. It really is a blessing to have the new ride. I am so proud of him for going for what it economical. He said the LeSabre gets like 33 miles to the gallon! WHOOO HOOO! He is showing me some gas-loving while I am still on van protest. I will see how long I can have this on here before he spots it... but while we were meeting to get the car tonight he pulled up next to me in the Buick and I said "Morgan daddy is still fine (as in good looking) even in a Buick" she said "daddy fine" (LOL).

On to something else: YOU DO NOT EVER want to go shopping with me. I am so cheap and I will most likely talk you out of your purchases. Some of my friends will vouch for that. So tonight I am at Wal*mart, where ministry happens (I tell Rod that my ministry is at wal*mart so I can go in the name of Jesus), and seriously I can not understand the latest fashions. I call it maternity wear. If you have ever worn maternity clothes chances are you don't want people having to guess if you are pregnant a couple of years after the baby, maybe I am alone on this one. I wish these styles were around when I was pregnant because I would have been able to find more affordable clothes. I am just ready for the maternity shirts in the juniors to be gone. I am sure some can pull it off...but I can't. This brings me to something else a memo that you need to get: If you are shopping in the clothes section at Wal*mart and think you are getting a good deal, chances are you can shop cheaper at the mall. I am not saying they don't have cute things I am just trying to help a sister out by suggesting you take some coupons and head to the mall. I worked there for 10 years and I could always find stuff for el-cheap-o and it still be quality. I have tried to get this through to my mom so many times but she seems to struggle with unbelief when I tell her this (LOL). And for some TMI, it is sad when you are 28 and you have to forfeit a new shirt so you can buy your fiber (speaking of shopping). We all go and some of us have trouble so I am just sayin'.

Now once again, at the risk of offending anyone, I am going to talk about my cat issues. Please reference this post if you are in the dark. Maybe the Lord is trying to break me free or something because I now have a cat that lives in my yard. I was told not to feed it or it may come back. I think the Lord is wanting me to face up to my fears because the wild cat really is sweet and I may even feed it something and just not tell Rod (do you see my heart softening with the cat?). Morgan lunges and growls at it and it doesn't even hiss at her. I am very allergic to cats as a side note (grace). I was talking to one of the greeters at wal*mart and she informed me that she bathes with her cats. I thought that was very strange so please don't harm my impression of you by telling me that you bathe with your cats. I will still love you in Christ (with the power of the Holy Spirit) even if you I am laughing out loud...just don't tell me.
Then, my little sister sends me an email today asking if I want a puppy for Morgan. Does my sister even know me? I yell at the computer. No!, I affectionately reply. I do not want to encourage Morgan in the pet department...and wasn't she raised with me? Doesn't she know that animals and I have a bad history? Even though it was free, I have no idea how people afford all the vet bills.

Y'all my camera is still broken so I will have to get Rod to get a picture sent to me from his camera so I can show you the dress. It is nothing special I promise.


Susan said... so crack me up!

HisTreasuredPossession said...

oh, you so crack me up!! I've got ministry at Target ;-) And Amen on the maternity looking clothes...I'm still in mine, 9wks postpardum. Maybe the fashion will change by the time I can buy normal clothes! (only the Lord knows the answer to that question!!)

He Knows My Name said...

did you hear my YES!! all the way down there? we are on lesabre #2. just ask me any lesabre (like you really want to know, and neither do i) factoid and i'm your girl. did you know the buick lesabre was voted the #1 best care buy for many, many years. gas milage was one of those features along with big trunk, smooth ride. our first one is still being driven by our son and my man drives his 2004. he paid less for his 2004 than his 1994. why you say. i knew you would ask. well that is because car prices have stabilized or gone down. you don't live with a cutting tool engineer and live in the motor city and get by with not talking cars. so we went from a limited to a custom (were just a tad bit disappointed but not much) it was upgraded with leather and heated seats (a michigan must) and he loves his little button that computes his mpg. oh sorry jenny. when does this girl get to spill all this buick junk out she has had pent up for years...bla. i just did. i feel much better.

now on to your maternity observation. MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY! i was even wondering if it was a conspiracy because teen pregnancies are up so the industry is accommodating the teen culture like they always do? just my thoughts.

gold fish!!!

enough from me. hugs. ~janel

bookworman said...

How hilarious! I am glad to know that somebody besides me can be married to a man 12 years older and it not be because of unsettled daddy issues. lol I grew up in a hurry out of necessity, had nothing in common with men my own age and have no doubt my man was God's plan!
BTW, you and your fiber are a hoot!
FYI: I don't have cats, don't want cats, and definately wouldn't bathe with them. Having a 3 year old I long for the days I can actually take a bath by myself again. lol
Bless you and yours,

jennyhope said...

I know this is mean but I can't even let her have a fish unless her dad wants to take care of it. The whole emptying the fish bowl while the thing flops around sicks me out! LOL on the buick factoids! hilarious!
I am so with you on the bath thing. Morgan and I seem to be joined at the hip these days. I am glad though. =)

connorcolesmom said...

Bath with a cat - are you serious?!
No way cats hate water that chic must be really well I wont say...

Oh and I am with you on the maternity shirt wear - I am not about to wear a shirt that make poepl think I am prego. No thanks. That is about as bad as my MIL suggesting I cut all my hair off. I told her "I can have short hair when I am old - thank you!" - hehe

Thank you so much for your prayer on my blog. It meant the world to me. I really am enjoying the homeschooling I am just still adjusting :)

Have a great weekend sweet friend!

BethAnne said...

I am laughing and amen-ing you here! I dont even know what a LeSabre looks like, but just be happy you havent 'given up' and bought a van! And as far as clothing styles and are right - go to the mall - go to Kohl's, but do not buy the $16.92 sweater from Wal-Mart - it will fade and shrink and you will wear it once. That is from a sister who has been there, done that and thrown away the cheap Wal-Mart clothes. As for the maternity styles......who even thought of that? I didnt even like maternity clothes when I was pregnant, why on earth would I want to wear them when I am not? Big prints, big clothes that tie in the back? They make you look BIG, people, BIG!!!!! Even little tiny things look like they are overweight in the new styles. And why oh why are the late 60's/70's prints in style again? Some things should never come back.
I could go on and on, but I wont.
Besides, I have to go take a bath with my cats.

(Just kidding - I dont even have a cat and if I did I wouldnt bathe with it and if I did bathe with it I would never tell anybody)

Fran said...

Oh how I love thee Jennyhope!

Leigh said...

LOVED this post. I too am a tightwad and I too HATE the prego tops! What is with that? Come on already!
LOVED this post. You are so adorable. Hope you are doing good!

Amy said...

I can't wait to see the new ride!!! Girl it just shows you that he is not being vain and actually doing something that benefits the family...loving the study!

Sherry said...

I am with you on the maternity clothes! Where were these three years ago?? Though your's I borrowed were pretty rockin'! I still have the two that I stole... Buddy said long term borrowing is stealing. I am so ashamed!

Oh, and don't you be knocking the van! Just kidding, that is why I am driving the pilot, I just couldn't handle it! But, I will say this, that odessey was the nices thing I have ever driven. EVER! It was like a mother sat in a seat and said "Okay, I need this button here and this accessory here." It was awesome. But, and I say this with my head in the sand, I was just too vain to drive it...

LORD, please forgive me!

I use to get in with my dogs, but that was just cause either way, I was getting out soaking wet. Now you can think bad about me... Now, like your other friend, I have 65 kids who are trying to bathe with me!! That is why I am always dirty, I wait for a moment alone, and you should be able to guess how often that is!! :)

Loved this blog! You are so funny!

He Knows My Name said...

jenny, you know i talk about all the siestas by name in conversation and when i told him about the new buick it was just like hey rod got a new buick lesabre. (he (greg) didn't get his heads up display, climate control, or his cornering lights or his memory seats) ugh! hope rod loves his car.

fish stink to high heaven!

littlest pet shop toys!

hope you all had a wonderful sunday. ~janel

He Knows My Name said...

oops! i'm older than my man. so what's up wit dat ;) ~janel

Bev Brandon said...

My comment disappeared but maybe you got it...basically I said:
Rico Cruise is so Cute in Buick
How awesome you're putting your $$ where it is practical.
And I'm with you on the maternity clothes except when you are over 50, no one asks you anymore unless you look like Beth...
And the animal thing...oh dear...I just didn't know that was done that way...but I tell you what, I just love it that you initiated a conversation with the "May I Help You?" lady. That's precious to me. I think you go through life trying to find people to bless and help and love. You're awesome Jenny Hope! Come visit me in my new pain! I had an accident with a box of books yesterday. Ouch!!!

Mr. and Mrs. D said...

Hi Jenny! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I WISH my man were older than me! He is a little over a year younger than me, and that is driving me CRAZY! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I, too, am a bargain shopper. Last week, I hit the sale of all sales. The Liz Claiborne outlet near me is going out of business, but is still getting in new things all the time. Anyway, their store is divided into 2 parts. Everything in one part is 25% off of $6.99 (or 7.99 can't remember). Everything. And everything on the other side of the store is $2.99! I got so many $2.99 things that it was unbelievable! As a matter of fact I am wearing a pair of once $70 slacks right now, and I only paid $2.99! Can I get an amen??



Charity said...

LOL...LOL...LOL! "I tell Rod that my ministry is at wal*mart so I can go in the name of Jesus" I was rolling in the floor laughing!!

I SO know what you mean about the "maternity style"!! It drives me crazy, however I agree that maybe it will mean cheaper maternity clothes when I get preggars again!

Also, I love your terminology when describing your husband. "Fine" was definitely our generation. Girls these days just say, "hot"! When you said, "fine" it just reminded me of the old days! Ha!

Listen, let me tell you...I too HATE cats! I mean really loathe them! I am an animal person, and would not want anything bad to happen to a cat, but I DO NOT want a cat anytime soon. Brady was talking about it last night with Landon. I told him that I DO NOT want one right now. I don't know what I will do if he brings one home!

Hope you guys are having a GREAT weekend!

Love ya,

Michelle Bentham said...

It's so been a while since I have been by, but your little bunny at the top of your blog just slays me every time. I love stream of consciousness writing... I followed yours like it was my own! Good stuff in there - I shop at CATO and Lane Bryant and get the coolest clothes (that fit my shape) off the clearance racks for dirt cheap. Speaking of cheap - how 'bout free! I'm giving away books over at my blog, anyone interested just swing on by using this link FREE BOOKS!

Faith said...

You are so fun!
A couple of comments:
* My man is 8 years older (and my parents were 13 years apart and his--I think?--12) so I kinda know what you mean. Don't worry; I'm not assessing you for daddy issues. ;)
* Your Buick comments CRACK me UP! TJ's observation is that Buicks seem to be the approved "pastor car." Have you ever noticed that trend?
* I seriously need to go shopping with you! My wardrobe needs help and I need to do it on as little money as possible!
* I also totally know what you mean about the "maternity" fashions! I occasionally find an empire-waist top that I like ... but for the most part, no way. I have a big tummy as it is and do not need to encourage speculation!

Sherry said...

Look, oh you of blogging prowness, how do I get a linky-doo to others pages (such as your's) on mine and how do I subscribe to to others blogs?????

StaceyStace said...

Hello. I am connecting to you through the LPM blog! I love your post about the minivan. I swore I would NEVER own a minivan - even after I had 3 kids. But I am sending in my last payment this month so I can be the proud owner of a Toyota Sienna (not the prettiest thing, but comfy and functional)!

twinkle said...

Jenny, this one really made me laugh! Wish you would get your camara fixed! I want me some Morgan pictures...

Jessica said...

You are cracking me up with the age comparisions of your hubby being older. You are a riot! : )

Tam said...

Wal-Mart, the place where ministry happens. Hysterical!

Isn't bathing with a cat a little dangerous? And dirty. And creepy. And wrong?

And by the way, every time i come to your blog and my kids are around they make me stop so they can oooo and awwww over Moragns picture! I have to hide in another room if I wanta get straight to reading your posts!

mandy said...

"I was talking to one of the greeters at wal*mart and she informed me that she bathes with her cats."

jenny: this has to be one of the STRANGEST sentences i've read all day.
who stops and chats with the greeters at wal-mart.
and WHO bathes WITH HER CATS????? did you check for scratch marks???


Emily said...

Hey girl, you have me smilin'!
I wil say, I am a little disappointed in all of the negative vibes on the "maternity" look! I don't think it's maternity, I love that style! It's like 60's style, you know? I am all about a trapeze tunic or dress with some tights! Oh well, ya'll will probably see me in one at the siesta fiesta!
About the car-awesome! My husband traded in his Trailblazer for a Jetta wagon recently and the gas mileage is sooo much better.