Sunday, March 30, 2008

I got a card reader! Score!

Morgan and Pop (he always says he is just resting his eyes but he is really asleep ;)...)

MiMi and Pop (everyone is forever trying to get the child down to no avail)

Good Friday...after church

Morgan taking after her mom (being silly) at her "skool-day" program

Hunting for eggs

So, Rod bought a card reader tonight for my camera...I am back in business! I only have about 700 pictures to share! YAY!


Maryanna said...

You are too cute... the cutest mommy ever. Hey, what's the song playing in your blog today? I love it, and I have to buy it!!!! Love you!

Maryanna said...

Oh, I found it... It's the David Crowder song... Wonderful King. I'm going to get it tomorrow. :-)

debra said...

look how cute you all are!

Anonymous said...

That's Morgans grandmother? She looks so young.

Fran said...

ADORABLE!!!! And, we can't ever get enough pix. Sweet hubs you have! :)

SnappyCasualGifts said...

Don't you just love the card reader. I got one for Christmas. No more of trying hook the camera up to the computer. Plus the reader is so much faster. Cute pics.
How ever do you stay so tan?

Faith said...


He Knows My Name said...

sweet! every one! 700 we can handle it! ~janel

Leigh said...

YOU ARE to cute. I love the glasses on you!