Wednesday, June 4, 2008

O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek You; my soul thirsts for You...

Psalm 63 has literally been blaring in my soul for the past two days. I memorized it years ago and the Holy Spirit obviously wants me to get my whole self into that passage. I have been walking around the house repeating it over and over. I went outside last night and just looked up into the heavenlies and heard the psalm in my soul.

Here is a quick quote that I am dying to share in relation to this passage. I am going to include it in my take on the psalm but it just struck me so much about the importance of getting up early to seek the Lord while the day is fresh and we don't have a million things trying to take over our attention (and this really speaks to me about how we get so lazy in our comfort zones and how I want none of be 911 Christians who just seek God when we have ourselves in a mess):

C.H. Spurgeon
When the bed is the softest we are most tempted to rise at lazy hours; but when comfort is gone, and the couch is hard, if we rise the earlier to seek the Lord, we have much for which to thank the wilderness.


Amy said...

quote is SO good! Yes, I do have that book, I have been devouring it in preparation for our trip. I get most of my pics online from other people's sites :-) I am pretty sure it was the Monday episode of walk in the word.

ocean mommy said...

Amen sister!!!

I laughed out loud out your story about making Rod take pictures of your sink while you were on bedrest!!! That is SO something I would do!!!

Hope you are feeling MUCH better!


BethAnne said...

Hey Jenny! Thanks for the offer to look for mom's "favorite wal-mart pants". I think she got them last fall so you probably wouldnt be able to find them (they are cheap hanes capris with seams down the front - she really does have nice clothes, I promise she isnt a pauper ;-) Anyway, dont worry about looking for the pants just pray that she doesnt have any lasting damage. Thank you so much for praying and caring! I tell ya, these blog friends are special!

Tonya said...

That is a great Psalms. You have a really cute blog. Your daughter is ADORABLE!

Laura said...

This blog really spoke to my heart. Your blog is so transparent and shows your heart. How great is our God.
Without him I would not want to think where I would be. Being in his presence and in his WORD is what it is for me.
Have a wonderful day.

StaceyStace said...

It is indeed very difficult to rise from my comfy bed, so my wise Father allowed a loud and irritating noise to wake me at 4 AM, when I could have slept later. It may have been that the thing I was earnestly seeking is that He would make that noise go away so I could roll over and drool on my pillow some more, but He knew better. He even made me get out of bed - no "praying" while I drifted in and out of sleep! Seriously, I feel special that He draws me in to talk with Him!

Bev Brandon said...


oh, Jen, what have i done???
most of my e-mail's are going to
i have received over 50 e-mail's
from other countries this week
telling me i've been left
millions of $$$$$$$
what happened????

Ang baylis said...

Hi, Jenny!
This was so so sweet! I hate to admit that I tend to be a 911 Christian WAY too much! I needed to hear this more than you know! What an amazing quote by C.H. Spurgeon! Thanks for sharing this with your friends out in blog land!
Angie xoxo

Anonymous said...

Sweet blog, I hadn't noticed previously during my searches!
Carry on the great work!