Sunday, July 27, 2008

A couple of things...

morgan's mad skillz

Morgan eating cake at Jacksons bday

-Morgan went to a friends birthday party on Saturday and when it came time to open the presents she realized (after celebrating her birthday a month ago) that she was not getting any presents. She looked at me and said "Mommy let's go!" Isn't that so us sometimes. We realize nothing is in it for us so we want to bail out. She had a great time though. That little booger would not let me fix her hair today or yesterday.

-Next...Rod and I were in the kitchen and I was telling him that I felt lonely today. He quickly said, "Are you about to start your period?"
Well, come to think of it...tomorrow is the day...I told him. You have to love that! It always amazes me how I forget each month and how easy in life it is to not watch yourself or your own tendencies even toward sin. It is much easier to run off of our feelings and plunge into sin. Glad the man straightened out why I was feeling that way today.

-Time for my conviction part:
Philippians 2:14
14Do everything without complaining or arguing,

Last night I was washing dishes and I was about to open my mouth and complain about something when the above verse came up in my spirit. Don't you love that?
But EVERYTHING without complaining or arguing?
What if we really just tried to apply that word for a day, and then another day, and maybe a week until it becomes a holy habit?
When you think about it complaining and arguing really sucks the life and energy out of you or at least me and rarely accomplishes anything. Oh that the Lord would help me to be thankful instead of ungrateful. I don't want to wander in the wilderness of grumbling and complaining like the Israelites.
I reason a lot that if I don't air something out then nothing will be done about it. Or I justify my complaints by just saying they are facts not really complaints. The LORD is GOD, He is mighty and able and has been encouraging me to wait on Him and call on Him instead of complain or argue. I am going to take it an hour at a time and a day at a time...and hopefully there will be some progress as I seek to apply this one simple verse.

Good night.


HisTreasuredPossession said...

amen and amen. Oh my often that verse pegs me too! Praise Him that he's working on us just by bringing it to your mind. That's a good thing, Jenny. You are not quenching the Spirit!

StaceyStace said...

I always end up asking Mark if it is time for my period. I always swear it is not time yet, and somehow he keeps up with it better than me. What is up with that? I think he counts his days to know when to hide...