Monday, July 28, 2008

I dyed my hair tonight...

I had a clear hair dye thing that I purchased some time ago and I never used it. Well, around midnight I decided I would dye my hair with this clear dye that is supposed to make it shiny. Since I am not complaining...(see previous post)...I will just show you the pics and let you know that my hair in no way has any added shine. Keep in mind I have NO makeup on and it is 1:26am

These are both obviously self portraits and I have a headache so the flash was kind of hurting my eyes. And this would also be my favorite pink robe that I wear even in the summer because Rod keeps the house FREEZING!!

my hair is not fixed here but clearly you can see there is no shine.


Bev Brandon said...

I can just see you setting up the camera and running back real quick to position self for a casual pose---I'd have a headache at 1am!!! LOL Shiny or no, you'll look gorgeous for the SF.

connorcolesmom said...

HeHe you crack me up
I love the robe - it looks nice and comfy and your hair is getting SO LONG

BTW: thank you for your sweet words on my blog you are precious
See you soon

Profbaugh said...

Well. . . these pictures make your hair look shiny. You look great here Jenny and at 1:26 in the morning. Oh my!!

Hey, are you going to wear your robe at the PJ party?

Can't wait to meet you for REAL!!


Sherry said...

Jenny, please don't get mad. But, honey, without makeup, you look even REALLY young! You are so beautiful!