Monday, July 14, 2008

Morgan your online baby book =)

Morgan Hope~
There are so many things I love about you that I don't want to forget.
I love the words you use like for umbrella it is a rainbrella.
Today you argued with me over poo poo in the potty. You insisted that it was called a turd and not poo poo. We are going to have to correct this vocabulary VERY soon...and I must say you did not get it from me. Please no offense.
Also, every person that is African American is named Little Bill to you. We do need to get out more because it is quite embarrassing when you call people little bill from the tv cartoon (google it if you don't know what I mean).
Now that you have your very own bow you are kiwwing (killing) bucks left and right on the tv. Someone call PETA!
I love to hear you repeating me on bible verses it is so cute.
I even love to hear a little greek or hebrew come out of your baby mouth especially this one:
Ha-Shem "The Name"...your dad thinks we need to stick to English for now but it tickles me.

I love how you are so creative (ha ha) with naming your baby names like Baby Born you named Baby Home. Then, it was quite a show as you threw her off the bed last night because she was sleeping next to you. Can we say we don't need a baby brother or sister any time soon.

Tonight was really fun when you poopied in the bath tub...yes that would be the guest bath so please come feel free to take a shower at our house. We did bleach it tonight.

I see my own stubborn self in you so much. We have got to get that under control!
Also, it amazes me that you would go tubing on the lake at 2 years old. No fear. Yes with adult supervision.

Another favorite of mine is when you refer to yourself in 3rd person. When I picked you up from summer camp today you asked me where Morgan hopes book was? It cracks me up!!

I enjoy your little stubborn, tenacious self so much and consider myself blessed to mother you.


Bev Brandon said...

I am at my sister's house and the household was asleep until NOW when your baby in the bunny blanket popped up and the music was BLARING...they'll get me in the a.m.
I loved reading about Baby Morgan's words and ways and wit!
You should put your posts into blog books for Morgan --- one every year of her life. What a gift to hear her mom's heart, a big heart. You are such a good mom! Thanks for giving me a post in like two seconds---LOL. We always seem to be online at the same time---late!

Anonymous said...

I so enjoy reading your blog - I feel lucky to have found it. I love reading about Morgan and her "poo poo stories". But also, I love your testimony and your love for the Lord. Keep up the good posts.

Nancy (in North Carolina)

jennyhope said...

Nancy you are so sweet and encouraging. I am shocked anyone reads my blog...for real!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Gillispie Blog said...

So adorable! I love reading about Morgan too, she is a mess!