Wednesday, November 7, 2007

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ROD WANTS ME TO GET A MINIVAN. No offense to anyone who has one...but I do not want to drive a minivan. I would rather have my old honda accord back from before I married him. This may officially push us into divorce court (I am kidding) but I am looking for it in the bible Jenny Chapter 1 vs 1 "If husband wants you to drive a minivan you may issue him a certificate of divorce." If you find that let me know. He thinks it is more economical for when we take trips. Well, that is great but we have not taken many trips in the last almost 5 years. Then, he says that it will be better to cart Morgan's friends around...well ok but she is 2 so we have a few years to go on that as well. The next thing he says is gas. I understand that but I would rather have a 4 door C-A-R. What are your thoughts? He thinks I am just being vain but I really just don't want a van. If you have a van do you think the gas mileage is all that better? I could understand if we had more than one child but I think a van is a bit ridiculous for one kid. That is just my opinion. I am not bitter or anything. :)

***Edited to add I currently drive a Toyota 4runner. so i have room now. Rod just wants the van. :)


stacey said...

When I got my "mommymobile" before the boys were born I opted for an SUV. I wasn't ready for a van either, but now I wish I had one. There would be so much more room.

jennyhope said...

what kind of suv do you have? just curious? do you think i need that kind of room for just one?

Heather said...

not a fan of the van but everyone i know that drives one a-d-o-r-e-s them. my vote is a small suv :)

Heather said...

no we will NOT be getting one. we're hoping for a couple more years out of ours.

i didn't get that medicine. the generic was $312 for 12 pills. i'll just suffer through it :) plus, i'm not throwing up just feeling like so i can handle that. feeling better though. i'm so glad you feel better.

darla said...

Glad you are feeling better!
I have had lots of vehicles, and the minivan wasn't fuel efficient for us, and I have had some small cars..but they are hard to deal with car seats...i do love my Saturn Vue, spacey and four doors, and a four cyl engine that is fuel efficient, and actually well priced. I think it has enough pep to get up and go, and I used to love my sports car..but that was unrealistic..and my it is now a roof on my house! LOL and I did sell my jeep to buy this vue..but it went from 70$ to 30$ at the pump :)

Alissa said...

I am not a mom but every family I babysit for has a van (Honda and Toyota) and I absolutely love the minivans when I babysit because I have a 4-door Honda and it is difficult to get the kids in and out. Avoid the SUV because I had one for years and I absolutely hated it. Horrible gas mileage and I was never comfortable driving it in the rain/wind.

Jackie said...

oh girl, i don't blame you- I go for the SUV's- I can't drive a mini-van. I only have one kiddo too and I think a mini-van would be HUGE for one kid. Good luck on holding him off. Love ya- So glad you are feeling better.

darla said...

I always like the suv's and I didn't like the minivan. Loved the jeep, but too expensive!!!! I love the Saturn VUE, and it is awd, 4 cycl. Jenny, honestly I love it! Oh yea my kids can wreck their bikes into it and the doors don't dent! YAY! They do make them with bigger engines, and they also have a hybrid..but my finances are happy with what I have. Love ya girl, I will pray that God will hook you up!!

He Knows My Name said...

glad you are better.

jenny, cute post.

i have had 2 mini vans but i had 2 kids and they were really popular then but looking back they were so ugly. they have come along way in style like the 2008 chrysler but with that said i drive a 2002 trailblazer ext. it is a truck, hard to steer, heavy front end, can't just palm my way into a parking spot, my tush falls asleep on road trips because the seats are so hard and flat. basically it's only me and the husband and way too much room. my daughter just got a 2002 gmc envoy, the short one and when i drive it, it feels like a sports car, totally peppy and different from mine. with that said i love my car only because it is almost paid for, just put tires on it, it has low mileage and has been a problem free vehicle.

cars are such an extension of who we are don't you think they are kind of an extension of our persona. so if i could pick my persona it would be a vw beetle or jetta.

question. why does your live traffic feed have me in columbus ohio? i live in michigan north of detroit? just wondering.


Abby said...

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ps...if you need help finding good christian jams just let me know...i'll hook you up ;)

Abby said...

kay i think i got it lol...but if you click on my playlist thing or just go to that website you can make your own playlist, and add whatever songs you want as long as they are in their database (and since they have brooke fraser, they should have just about anybody cause she's just now catching on with people in the US) and then it will give you directions about how to put the playlist on your blogsite...and you can go through and change out songs or will give you the code and everything for posting it on your site though...

Susan said...

We didn't get a minivan until the second child came along. And it was more about hauling other people and their children along with us (or just their childen). I never, ever thought I'd drive one, but I love mine...heated leather seats, upgraded sound system, all the bells and whistles. But now that The Boy is soon heading off to college...I have to admit I'm thinking something else would be nice...

Heather said...

FUNNY! We just got a Honda Odessey. I was just like you! I WILL NOT DRIVE A VAN thank you very much! However, hubs talked me into it and am I ever glad he did! We found a used "diamond" in the ruff. One that was a few years old with LOW miles. AND IT'S A HONDA! I love my honda accord back in college. It took a beating and kept on ticking!

So we bought this van and I have to say it drives like a car. I love it. It is so much easier getting the kids in and out and it is easy to get back to them when needed on a trip. OH and the gas goes further!!!! Great with these high gas prices. I challenge you to take one for a test drive. I think you will find that you like it. We searched for over a month until we found the one we liked. and I must say I don't know why I waited so long to get one!!!

Fran said...

Hey girl..
Back in the day I had a minivan and HATED it. DOn't ask me why. Maybe it was the vain thing too. I would opt for a smaller SUV. There are too many SUV's that can be better for ya'll than the minivan. Thats my opinion. Take it for whats its worth! :)

Good luck and I'm so glad you are better.

pinkmommy said...

Do not cave!!! You know how we are never supposed to say never? Well, I usually go by that rule. But not with a minivan. I can honestly say I will never drive one. My mom has one, and it is long, hard to drive/park and long. I drive a Trailblazer (not the long one) and I L-O-V-E it.

Charity said...

Ok...I have a 4 door SUV (Honda Passport). You really need a 4 door...are you driving a 2-door now? I have vowed that I would NEVER get a minivan...only SUVs! However, my good friend has 3 girls and she HAD to get some with an extra row. She got the Nissan Quest minivan. It is nice. I think it is probably the coolest minivan as far as looks go. I don't give her a hard time about, because with 3 kids, she had to do something! She made a great choice with the Nissan Quest. Hopefully Brady and I will stop with 2 children, and I will never have to worry about it!

As far as trips go, my Passport does great! Plenty of room for all of us now anyway. My gas mileage is pretty good.

Teri said...

I have a mini van...but I also have 3 kids. With alot of junk. And many games/activities to go to. And gear. So yes, the van has served us well. Although, my next vehicle will be a SUV. Because we don't have any car seats anymore! SO YAY! But my mini van is paid for and it will be mine for quite some time still! And yes, I DO ROCK the mini van!

Anonymous said...

I have a van and I love it! It's so spacious, so many cup holders, good on gas... I feel like I'm driving in luxury.

I never wanted a van, now I would never drive anything else.

but I do have two kids and one on the way!

I say ask for a small suv for now If extra space is what he wants.

Unless of course your situation changes.

Becca said...

Didn't the Bible say "they all went out in one Accord?" Tell your Hubby that's the only car mentioned in the Bible so you should go for that one.
A little humor there.

jennyhope said...

ps good thing my poll is anonymous or I would beat the 5 people so far who can see me driving a van! KIDDING!!! I love you ladies!!!

Emily said...

hey girl! i thought i would NEVER drive a van because my "style" was a bit more edgy and i just couldn't imagine! but, life happened and we have a van and i am still the same person with the same style! i do enjoy my van, but i have three kids. honestly, if i were wanting to save on gas, i would go for a car for sure. vans aren't that great on gas. plus, if you do have more kids or want to tote your daughter's friends around, why waste the years you could have a car by getting a van now? suv's are terrible on gas though. if you do get a van, take heart! you will still be you!

Tam said...

Have you considered a Cross over type of vehicle. There a cross between the SUV and a the Chrysler Pacifica (that's considered a cross over)

Personally, i would love to see you get a van - but only because you would post about it and it would be hilarious reading!!!!

Love uuuuuuuu

connorcolesmom said...

I also drove an SUV before having my second child. I got the new car bug and researched the best family vehicles and it was a minivan. I narrowed it down to either a Honda Odessey or a tOyota Sienna. I bought the HOnda and I LOVE it!! My hubby who did not want me to get a van also LOVES it!!
There are so many reasons why I love it.
it drives like an SUV
It is High up so you can see really well
Automatic doors make it easy to get in and out
Great gas mileage
lots of head and leg room
plenty of room for 7 passengers even if they are all adults
if you have trouble with car sickness the van is such a smooth ride it truly helps with that
Ok so I am all for a van - you might should test drive one before you completely file for divorce - hehe
Love ya,

Natalie said...

I'm in the same boat girl, but it's not the hubby wanting a van, it's, um, me. Not b/c I like them but b/c of gas. I drive a Suburban which I adore and the thought of driving a van makes me, let's see, nauseous.(not sure about spelling there.) Anyways, I really had to ask myself why I really didn't want a mini van (besides the fact I don't think they are cool) and all I could say that was keeping me from it, is my PRIDE! Yeah, I'm ashamed to say that I would be embarrassed to drive a mini van. I guess I still want to be hip and not sure the van is.

Hope I didn't offend anyone, but the van is just not me. Atleast I don't think so anyway. When the pride finally goes and I get to the point I really don't care what people think, then I guess I'll get a van.

Mr. and Mrs. D said...

I am so with you on the van thing! I know exactly the angst you are going through. My new hubby and I have talked about it, and he is not pushing me to get a van but he will always say, "Those Honda vans are really nice." I think he is just hoping to wear me down little by little.

My best friend who has 5 children loves hers. But then again, with 5 children what else could she really drive economically? :D

I am looking forward to see how you solve this. It just may help me in the future!

Profbaugh said...

Hey Jenny,

I know I'm a little late jumping in here, but I so feel you pain with this one. I am so NOT a minivan mom and yet, we do have one--My hubby drives it!!!

I've got a SUV which will seat 7 if necessary. I like it much better. So there are other options.

Had to laugh, however when I read your post. I thought I was the only one who felt that way.