Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Here is an update about the Gray Family

These are updates on Kristy Gray from her husband Brian off of facebook. The funeral for their sweet baby girl Helen was today. My heart just breaks for them. I have not seen Kristy since we worked together in early 2000. She is a very sweet person and loves Jesus. HERE is a blog post I wrote a while back if you aren't familiar. PLEASE keep them in your prayers!

They have a facebook prayer page that you can join. HERE

Kristy has been cleared at this point to attend the services tomorrow. She will be accompanied by Shepherd Center Therapists and Nurses. I would like to ask all that are coming to the services to please be mindful that she has had surgeries and is in the early stages of healing. Please do not hug her. If she offers... her hand, please shake it lightly and please refrain if you have been suffering with any illnesses. I am thankful to you all!

Her tube is out! There continues to be a small pocket of air in her chest cavity and the thought is that the lungs have sealed it off and that the body will eventually reabsorb the gas. They will be monitoring the pocket to make sure it does not expand which would be signs of a continuing leak from her lungs. Pray especially for this pocket to disappear!

Here is a note from Kristy on her facebook:
Thank you all for the prayers, thoughts, gifts, and goodness shared to Brian and myself. It was until today (12/12) that I've been able to type out a status. Of course our deepest thoughts and care for are our sweet Helen.We appreciate every thought and prayer and even donation for this cause!

I am doing better, gradually growing stronger at the Spinal Center. My husband is my Rock in every way! He takes special care for me daily and despite all he does, he gives to himself so little. I thank God for his presence and his genuine love for me.

I also give great thanks to my mom and stepdad who have been here during the entire time. They work so hard for me while they look after Brian (and keep their dispare for their loss of Helen to a relative minimum in front of us.)

How strong are those whom are surrounding me! Thank you God for them.

Thank you all who have written a card, said a prayer, made a visit, made a donation, and/or given time to our family. We appreciate EVERY single one of you!

I am still in deep recovery so if I have not given you substantial credit due, please forgive me and understand it will come eventually. I love you ALL so much and do appreciate your care and concern!!

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Anonymous said...

it is beyond tragic. only God can heal this hurt for that sweet family.

sort of puts the self-imposed madness of Christmas in perspective.

Warren Baldwin said...

Thanks for the update. I have wondered how they were doing. I also followed the FB link you provided and am now following for updates. I announced their situation here at church so people could pray. This is a nice thing you have done for your friend to let more people know about it and pray.