Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hodge Podge of Pictures

Her thanks "gibbing" feast!!

at the hunting club. Please take note of the granite counter tops in the trailer. We don't even have those in our house.

Iguana Grill--yummy

I am not sure what these next two are about but she had me dying laughing as she was dancing!

Rod is such a good daddy to Morgan. Hands down she is a momma's girl but she loves her daddy just the same. I am so glad that she has a dad who cares about her. My biological father has not been in my life since I was 4 or so. I really hope he knows Jesus but I don't care about knowing him. I just can't understand why a parent would want nothing to do with their children. I know that God has used it for my good so I will take it! Rod can drive me nuts about her car seat not being tight enough and etc but I am just thankful for his loving care of her. I have also noticed lately that she is really starting to crack him up!

me and my sweet baby! Thanksgiving or "thanksgibbing" as Morgan says at Rods moms sisters house.

Leah, Morgan and me. Leah and Kate are Rods brothers daughters. They ADORE morgan. The word adore doesn't even do justice.

Mimi and her girls! She loves these kids like they are her own. Morgan, Leah, MiMi, and Kate bug

cake balls that I made from the recipe that Mrs. Jill made on Jumpin in! They were so good. I made a whole different batch for Morgan to take to school today but she is at her Mimi's.

My nieces/nephew took most of the pics on thanksgiving I just gave them my camera. They do pretty good!

Oh wow it's an oompa loompa painting at my sisters new house. I am so happy for her!

my meal for the day! happy hour at Dairy Queen! I took a few bites and was so nauseated. So much for that!

Morgan and Santa.

I repainted my kitchen.

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ocean mommy said...

Hey girl! LOVE the new picture in your header. I need to do some new photos with the new hair. :)

And I have to say Morgan's dancing pictures cracked me up! Love that child. :)

Praying you are feeling better soon!


Anonymous said...

That Morgan is a hoot! Isn't it amazing what a man will do with their "playhouse"???
Love you,
Nancy in NC

Warren Baldwin said...

Don't know why a dad will split when his kids are little, but I've seen too much of it. Later, if they start to think about it, some run-away dads are so full of guilt that the shame will not allow them to return home. Others develop hard hearts so they don't have to feel. It is a sad thing.

Sorry this happened to you. But, it looks like someone came into your life to provide so healthy nurture, because you sure seem to have a good perspective on things now.

Tell Rod I said "hello" and hope he is enjoying the book. Have you gotten to read much of it? wb

Warren Baldwin said...


Thanks for continuing to run the picture of my book on your blog. I look forward to being able to do the same for you one day, when you write your book.

I have a website now that you can link the picture to. It is