Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I found some great things today at the thrift store. All of it was under 30 dollars. I found a HUGE mirror that I am going to paint and a Fisherprice doll house for morgan and it had everything that could possibly go in it in nice little bags. I am not big on thrift store toys but this was all plastic and it was $9.99. I washed every single inch and piece of that thing! What you won't do for your child!

I forgot to post some curtains (ahem...I mean window treatments...whatever)
So....I am in Wal-mart tonight getting my oil changed and tires rotated and etc. Well, somewhere in the heavenlies I have a sign that must be visible to others on my forehead that says: "hey random stranger, please talk to me!"
I am convinced.
So in the hair gel aisle I meet a man named John who told me all about himself. He even went on to lift up his shirt and show me scars from 4 back surgeries that he has had. He even gave Morg's money to be good so he could talk to me for 10 more minutes. Sweet man but I can not even make this stuff up. He really was nice though and was about 60 is or something. He showed me so many scars that I thought I was going to pass out. All of this on the hair gel aisle. Yep. Then Morgan met Dr. Robbins. I cracked up when she asked him he's name (she says he's) and he gave her his proper name. A four year old is going to be real impressed that he is a doctor. Whew hoooo! I love me some doctors like mine Dr. Adcock, Dr. Allin, and a few others that don't let their status go to their head. They actually talk to you, call to check on you, and take the time to care. Morgan told Dr. Robbins all about herself and even where she lived. I told her in the car that we didn't need to tell strangers all of our info. She said, "mom, he is not a stranger he is Dr. Robbins...I know him now."
Then, I can't forget the guy in the auto area who gave her a magic coin he had been carrying around for years. We know it isn't magic but it just cracks me up!
Rod broke his back almost 7 years ago and he was on heavy pain meds. The Dr.'s came in that were on rotation and Rod accidentally called one of them Mr. so and so and the Dr. corrected him and said, "IT IS DR. ____." Give him a break he has a broken back I about yelled out. He needed a tall drink of Philippians 2!
I ordered a new bible online today. Mine is now out of print so I had to hunt it down. I am very sentimental about my swords. I do not know where I would be without the word of God. Hosea 4:6a my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.
To know Him is to love Him.

I had stitches out of my mouth today and Morgan went with me. She told the Dr. to be very careful with my mouth twice while he was taking them out. Then she patted me on the leg and said, "mom, it's OK I am with you." LOVED IT!! I about gagged as they were in my mouth working and I had to laugh!!

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Toknowhim said...


Just wondering if you have any updates on the Gray family...they have been in my thoughts and prayers from time to time..

Thanks, Kim

April said...

only you jenny! ha Loved the morgan antidotes...

Cole and Holly said...

Mr. Scars and Hair Gel is just too much! That is so funny (and gross, ha!)