Monday, December 14, 2009

Our old toy box

This toy box was ours when we were little but i repainted it for morgans room. it turned out ok. i am going to paint a scripture on it 2.

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Cole and Holly said...

Cute bright colors!

Anonymous said...

Would you please come to my house and decorate it for me?
Nancy in NC

michellemabell said...

What a great toy box!
And I know it's going to look great with the verses...I still can't believe how cool your verses turn out.
What kind of brush or paint do you use? Not that that would really help me much....a stencil is what I would need...LOL

jennyhope said...

I just love all of you!!
Nancy, I need to mail you a Christmas card!!!

Also, no one in my family really seems to like my decor. lol!
Rod doesn't know this but I am going to tape off a wall downstairs and a bathroom and paint stripes down the walls.

Then, I am going to do one wall with diamonds.

Oh and I use paint pens. They are the only way to go. I tried free hand before and IT WAS AWFUL!!!!!