Tuesday, December 8, 2009


So, our house was built in the late 70's which means a lot of maintenance but also we have a lot of space. From sharing an almost 3 foot wide closet with my 3 sisters it is so wonderful to have such great closet space. The previous owners had this house tack-y-fied. I have no clue what they were thinking or if they were thinking at all when they made decisions in building our home. A few things that just get me are as follows: 1. the straw wall-paper that was up all through the house. Well that's a great idea let's slap up some straw and just paste it to the walls! A. NIGHTMARE. Then, carpet in the bathroom. Did you read that right? CARPET IN THE BATHROOM. That was the first thing to go when I moved in! We have a wall that is as ugly as sin. If you have seen pics you will have seen the weird stucco wall. WHAT IN THE WORLD! The tile choices and colors upstairs really amaze me. It is almost as if they went to pick out tile and said, "Hey I know let's pick out the ugliest tile we can find and torture anyone who ever lives in this house again." Needless to say a lot of work has been done and still needs to be done. I am working on a playroom downstairs. I called that room the dungeon it was so dreary and yes you guessed it! Nasty straw wallpaper. I just got it down! Praise the LORD! I am waiting on Rod to buy me some paint!
But here are the diamonds I painted. I am not very skilled so I cut out a piece of paper and just painted in the inside all around the kitchen. Not exactly the pro! I like it though and hey it's not wallpaper!!

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ocean mommy said...

Good job!!! I love diamonds. (Not just the kind on my finger either!) Seriously, I think it looks great. :)

You can come here and paint some anytime you want to.


jenmom said...

I knew they would look great all the way around the kitchen! Love it!

michellemabell said...

It looks great!

I still think you should make your verses you paint into stencils... :)


Angie Sarich said...

I think its very creative;) Did you get my text?

Laura said...

Beautiful!! Looks great!!

Blessings to you...