Monday, January 22, 2007

Brush that breath!

I just have to post this one! Last night I was laying in my bed reading and Job 19:17 CRACKED ME UP!!!! I am about to sort of take this out of context but just for fun! Job 19:17 My breath is offensive to my wife;
I ABOUT DIED!! Anyway, Rod is a big coffee drinker ( I CAN'T STAND COFFEE...or coffee breath!) you know where I am going with this. If we are at church and I even smell a hint of coffee on the breath I will not so subtly whip out my favorite Trident gum and hand him a piece. So, when I read this verse I was like God you are so hilarious it is not even funny!! Of course in the passage Job is going through so much and he is talking about his life ( Hebrew: Wr ruwach ) being offensive to his wife. She relied so much on his own faith instead of her own and when everything came crashing down... as you know she wanted him to curse God and die. I started laughing so hard and tried to tell Rod about the new memory verse (the one he needed to memorize). He was not laughing very hard...but I sure got a good ab workout out of this one!! So just remember brush that stinky breath so it wont be offensive to anyone...and don't forget to rinse! ha ha!

7307 x;Wr ruwach {roo'-akh}
Meaning: 1) wind, breath, mind, spirit 1a) breath 1b) wind 1b1) of heaven 1b2) quarter (of wind), side 1b3) breath of air 1b4) air, gas 1b5) vain, empty thing 1c) spirit (as that which breathes quickly in animation or agitation) 1c1) spirit, animation, vivacity, vigour 1c2) courage 1c3) temper,

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