Monday, January 1, 2007

I just posted a picture of the new babies!! My sister Heather had them on Dec 14th. She has a 2 year old girl named Kenley. Kenley calls the twins pink and blue. Blue cries a lot is what she says. A lady asked her at church to tell her about the new babies and she resoundingly screamed NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't you love their honesty? Sometimes I wish I could scream out what I am thinking...ha ha! Anyway, Heather is staying home with them and Christ is continuing to go to school and he is the associate pastor at a church where they live. Say a prayer for them. I know I couldn't handle all of that :). Kenley has been the only one around for 2 years so she is trying to adjust. Her parents keep telling her "in a minute" to Heather said she is walking around the house saying "In a minute"...that cracks me up!! Alright, I just wanted to show them off. Their names are Madison Brooke and James Garrett.

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