Monday, September 10, 2007

The little princess who likes all things clothes.

Me and Morgan after a really long day for me: church, work, church, and then I had to meet up with my family. My mom bought Morgan a bunch of clothes from a consignment sale and I brought them all home. Morgan (which is just like her mother) loves all things clothes and shoes. If you know me though you will know that I get some major dealios. Anyway, she began to take her jammies off to try on her new things! LOL! What two year old usually cares? She does! She gets it honest. I just went and checked on her in her room (my child does not her mother there too) and she just fell asleep. She is so precious and I can't thank God enough for her. I never knew I could be a mom and it has been more than I could have ever imagined in a good way. I have been through some really hard times in the last several years and Morgan is a sweet gift...and some good company. She is my little buddy. We truly have some much fun... and she keeps me honest. We nearly laughed till we cried tonight at some of her dance moves. Before that she about splashed me to death with her bath time excursion. She is so funny! I caught her doing stretches along with the goodnight show (sprout) LOL!!!! She also shares a bowl of lactose free breyers homeade vanilla almost nightly. It is not as fun eating it by yourself!

(her clothes are all over the floor...morgan style)

Here she is Mrs. America...I had to try on the crown for the little princess to wear it.

her trying on her new clothes

Practicing for Winter!


Leigh Gray said...

none of my 3 girls like clothes!!!

i love it!!!

Suzanne B said...

Nice Crown Sista!!

Shelly said...

LOVE IT!!! lol

And you look beautimous in the crown :) Keep wearing it diva :)