Thursday, September 6, 2007


My camera died last week at our last bible study for I did not get pics of all the beautys!

Okay and below is a prayer request! When you picture me (because you are wanting to say a prayer for me...I know you are) please picture me studying to finish my online courses. I am going to plow through the rest of this if it kills me!!!!! The light is shining near the end of the tunnel. I have come so far...and I want to give up. I can't so please pray that the Lord gives me focus, clarity, and determination so that I can cross over my Jordan.


Charity said...

What classes are you taking online? What degree are you going for? I have thought about doing some online classes myself in the spring. I know it will be hard to do with a little one around! Hang in there girl! You can do it!

Suzanne B said...

Oh yes, that is such a lovely picture of me. I obviously was not paying attention to the fact the camera was pointed my way, or I would have had a better look on my face. :)

Debra said...

what classes are you taking??

jennyhope said...

it is medical transcription. if you are a perfectionist do not take these courses. I have not been able to do them without trying to memorize EVERYTHING! It has made things VERY LONG and drawn out! The program I did is into over preparing you in a BIG WAY! I am almost done. :)

Profbaugh said...

Wow!! I teach on-line courses in communication. I can't imagine taking or teaching one in medical transcription. How much interaction to you have with other class members? The instructor? Just curious.

Hey, Jen I have a ministry idea for you. It's a little lengthy to explain here. E-mail me and I'll fill you in. I think it's an exciting (God breathed) idea.


Charity said...

That is so interesting! I am a registered nurse who is now only part-time since I had little man. Recently I have been thinking about doing something like transcription since I have a medical background. I know there are jobs like that which allow you to work from home! That would be perfect for us who have small children and stay home with them! I have been working some nights at the hospital so I can be home with Landon during the day, but I would like to do a little something else (from home) that would bring in a little extra money! I would love to hear more about the program you are taking online.