Sunday, September 2, 2007

A lesson gone Awry

I am about to run back to the lake. I had to come in to go to church. Y'all can I tell you how sweet the Lord is?! That is really not a question because I am going to tell you LOL!! Anyway, I had to take care of a bible study sign up table and teach this morning. I knew there would not be a lot of people there since it is Labor Day weekend and we are a new class. I was praying in the car and I said to the Lord that if the lesson was for anyone it was for me. Well, I stayed up most of the night preparing my heart. I always take it so seriously like I am preaching to the masses or something. Let me back track to say that I taught Sunday school in the singles for almost seven years and the first year I taught it WAS AWFUL!! Hear me AWFUL! Our singles minister asked me to teach and I prayed about it and said yes. I had no clue about gifts or anything. Anyway, this girl tried to take me in and wanted me to get up a basically read off an outline. IT WAS HORRIBLE! God in His grace allowed people to still come back. The lady who "took me in" she and I were not a good match AT ALL. I could not continue to do things her way when that is not how I was being led. Anyway, this morning two people were there and I think I taught one of the worst most scattered lessons that I have ever taught. It was like Jenny in the flesh teaching. I got in the car and almost cried my eyes out. I said to the Lord..."LORD, what in the world was that? That was TERRIBLE!!!" I called Rod and told him how I was going to spend the rest of the day beating myself up over what a horrible job I did!! Well, I got in the car and popped in sermon number 2 from a series I am listening to. Guess what?! Beth Moore was talking about how she has blown it in teaching Sunday school. How she has had days where she got in the car and said Lord what was that! The same thing I just did. She talked about how we learn as we use our gifts and many people just quit serving because they are afraid of failure. She said that we need to be patient with others while they are learning and using their God given gifts and that we have to be willing to look weak in front of others. WHHHHOOOOOAAAAAHHHH! I know the Lord used today to humble me. I am just so thankful for the sweetness of that sermon that was at the appropriate time. I get so afraid that I will fail Him...but HE will not fail me. No more sulking. Gotta head back to my family.


Fran said...

Oh man Jenny...that was good....God is so precious to us....i love the part about being patient with others when they are learning and developing their gifts....why is that so hard? At least for me anyway. I remember someone telling me a long time ago....don't be their Holy Spirit!

Let God be God....He never fails!

Tam said...

You are genuine! I love that!!!!

Charity said...

I LOVE it when something like that happens! It is one of those times you KNOW the Lord orchestrated those events in your morning to let you know He was thinking about you and wanted to encourage you! That is awesome!

Little Steps Of Faith said...

God is so awesome siesta:)

I was listening to my podcast from Life Today, " A fight worth having." man oh man, talk about a message...I know I probably shouldnt be listening to an ipod while driving, but I couldnt help it:)

I believe God for ALL things...
I think sometimes we should just say it aloud, so He can hear:-)

Be Blessed:)


Shelly said...

I've heard that one...and it's good stuff.

And it makes me want to keep putting myself out there wherever He calls me to let myself fail...for then I will know more that He Himself has never failed me.

Oh how desperately I need Him.

BethAnne said...

I laughed while reading your post. I teach a young womens class (about 50 young mothers and singles) on Wed nights and there have been so many times that I have left thinking "What have I done?" and wondering if anyone will acutally come back the next week. They always do - thank the Lord there are people who are patient with me as I develop my gift!

connorcolesmom said...

I relate so much to that post. WE are on week 2 of Believing God. The first week I felt like I was so scattered and came home and told my hubby that I did the worst I have ever done. I criedout to God to equip me so the women would see and hear only Him. Do you know that I had at least 6 women tell me that I did such a great job and I could honestly tell them well then all you heard and saw was God b/c I felt like I did awful!!
God is so good!!
Still praying for you :)

Suzanne B said...

I know you and how you teach and I'm absolutely certain that it couldn't have been as bad as you feel it was.

Love Ya!

Ang baylis said...

Oh, Jenny, I am so sorry about how that went! Although you just taught me something... I am going to start my first bible study in my home! I mean, I have never done this before ever!!!!! So, I will just expect that it won't always go how I hope and that it's okay! I am glad you were able to hear Beth's message and just look at her! She has definitely gotten past it... and you will too!

Thanks again for being so authentic! Your real posts are such a treat and i just love to hear what's on your heart!

Much love,
Angie xoxo

Leigh Gray said...

hey just love you much!!

have a great day!

Faith said...

Wow ... this is probably VERY good timing for me, because tomorrow I am about to start using a fairly recently-discovered gift for the first time (I finally updated my blog! And wrote about this), and I am so afraid of failure! Thanks for being real with us, Siesta!