Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Because on election day 5 skirts for $10.75 with tax included is important!

I am just trusting God tonight and I have decided to switch gears and show you that I brought these skirts from afar (prov 31). I got 5 skirts...yes I said 5 skirts...for $10.75 tonight at Walmart (NOT) Old Navy!! Old Navy was having a big clearance sale. I would have not gone out and bought these but I have hardly any skirts and could not pass up this kind of deal.



Sherry said...

CUTE!!! Tell me, how easy is it to shop when you wear a size -4???

You have plenty to choose from!!

Hahahahahaaaa!! I'm kidding! I hope my bitter isn't showing!!!


alliekat said...

Listened to your song Now Behold the Lamb and just what I needed to here tonight on this sad election night.

Bev Brandon said...

Okay, I'm so going to Old Navy. How cute is that!!! I voted at 7pm and then went shopping but bought nothing (I haven't been shopping since I moved here in August.) But I went for popcorn. I had this feeling that my candidate was not going to win and was so sad. I just wrote about it---I thought McCain was so gracious! But hey! I'm going to buy Esther!!! I was there and heard it and it is powerful. Psalm 81:10---Beth opened her mouth and God filled it with Himself. Came to talk about the election and leaving talking about God and what He's doing in our lives!!! Yes!

Fran said...

An excellent thing to do on a election day. I may do it today...the day after. ;)

He Knows My Name said...

jenny i can always rely on you to be that voice of sanity!!! (ooo, as i sit here at 1:15 am the house is very quiet except for the sound above me in the ceiling...mice i have to set some traps, i digress) your skirt deal just made the whole day happier. i am so not kidding, how did you find a deal like that and they are ALL cute!