Saturday, November 15, 2008

***Since I got so many comments on this one maybe I should photo shop you all in!!

This precious woman, Beth Moore, means so much to me. I have no clue where I would be without God using her so profoundly to point me to Christ.

I love her so and I am in debt to her forever and to Christ. He is Glorious!!


Anonymous said...

JHW, You stinker! I'm so glad you all got a great pic with Mama Beth and you both look fabulous!!!!

No doubt you will be ridin' high on life for the next year after 10 sessions and so much siesta time. We must meet at Starbucks soon and I want all the details. No joke. Safe travels home, J

PS I'm expecting a phone call next week with all the details..seriously!

Sherry said...

What a sweet picture, Jenny! I know you love her!! I, myself, am so so thankful for her!!

Nikki said...

I made a comment on your facebook but I wanted to do another one here...I am soo excited for you! I know what it's like to want to meet someone soo bad and then to finally meet them...there are no words.
When I met Beth it was at a taping too. I was able to go to the taping of Stepping Up. I wasn't able to be at every session due to work but the few I was blessed to attend were soo awesome. The first night we were there I was fortunate enough to be able to sit near the front, near Beth and the piano. I felt like everything she said was directed at me. Before the taping my 2 bible study ladies and I had dinner and talked about some stuff that I was going through. They, being older and wiser, gave me some great advice. As we were sitting in the 1st row at the taping, Beth was talking about going through situations just like what I was going through. She comes over and leans down and looks me in the eyes and speaks straight to me and says almost the exact same thing that they had said to me. When she turned around, my friend, Ashley, pokes me on the arm like, see Beth said it too...Lol! After crying through almost the whole session, I knew that I needed to try and speak with her. She was talking to another young girl and so I waited. When she turned around, I didn't even get to say anything but Hi before she says, Baby, Let me give you a hug! I don't know if that's standard greeting or just that she had noticed me so emotional and affected by the session. We talked for a few moments and then she prayed and we went on our separate ways. I was soo touched by the fact that she took the time to speak and pray with me. She is such an amazing woman and through her I have learned so much about God, the Bible and how to live in this crazy world. My faith is soo much deeper due to her teaching and sharing all God has shown her.
I understand your excitement about meeting her. You must let me know how it went.
Hopefully we will be able to meet when I come down to B'ham in Dec. I'll let you know more later if you want.
I will finish this book now and go to bed, but again, I am soo happy for you.
Love you sweet, funny Jenny Hope!

yankee mama said...

Jenny this is such a sweet picture! I could just cry looking at this picture I know how much you have said that the breaking free series meant to you! you both look beautiful! God is so good!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Sweet Jenny!! I'm so excited you got this fab picture of you and Mama Beth! Something told me y'all would end up together this

Love you!

Mary said...

You are too cute -- and who is that lady with you? Oh wait, didn't you have coffee with her?

darla said...

love you both...and jealous jealous jealous...but happy for you!

Yolanda said...

Doesn't Beth make you feel like you are her only best friend? She gave me the best welcoming in May, face to face, eye to eye, and I knew I was being held by God Himself, because she is truly a servant.

You are blessed, we are blessed...continue walking with Him.

Now...tell me about the Esther study!

Love from Kansas,

Yvonne said...

Jenny Hope,
I saw you from afar at Siesta Fiesta and I remember you because you are simply memorable... You were asking Melissa about how she did her hair. Just wanted to say hello to you, a sister in Christ, that I would love to meet and give a huge hug to and talk about Jesus and what He is doing in your life and to celebrate Him together.

Heather said...

awesome photo!

Patty said...

You two look so pretty and she is giving you a big ole hug!! Now who is the rockstar?!!! lol!!

Tell me when you want to write a post!!


April in real life said...

The Lord has definitely used her in a mighty way! I just want you to know Jenny he is doing so through you too!
Thanks for all you have done to encourage me in Christ and for introducing me to the wonderful world of Beth Moore Bible studies! How precious and dear to my heart is that wonderful phenomenon of small group - women loving, seeking the Lord and praying for one another... the fellowship is so sweet!

Brooke said...

That is SO not fair! :))

Profbaugh said...

Woo hoo. . a Mamma Beth hug!!! Great picture, Jenny. The two of you look "perfect" together. I'm so happy for you!!!

Much love,

Sharon said...

Hi Jenny,

Just wanted to pop out of my shell today to say "Great Pic of you and Beth!" I've enjoyed reading your blog ever since I learned about JennyHope at Siesta Fiesta Q&A session with Beth Moore in San Antonio. You're so funny. You were also the person to sign me in at the registration table, though I'm sure you don't remember me! :)

God has touched and changed my life through His annointed servant, Beth Moore, too. A miracle. Only God knows how many of us He has allowed to be touched by her studies. I bet the numbers are staggering. I agree with "april in real life"...God is most definitely doing a wonderful work in you, too. Thank you for sharing your inspiring blog with all of us. Keep being your wonderful self!

Sisters in Christ,

Fran said...

I really think this is my favorite picture of all time. I love it!!!

He Knows My Name said...

now that was worth the trip!! i am so thankful you got to go and get a hug too! i know you are special to her just like you are to all of us bloggers. she is one fantastic teacher/mentor/siesta/mama/lady/grandma/etc. i need to go listen to her right now at oneplace.

print the pic, send it to her and have her sign it, frame it!!! encouragement for all time!! just love it!! happy for you jenny!

fuzzytop said...

Adorable!!! I'm happy you got to meet Beth, but have to admit to being just a wee bit jealous...!!!


Stephanie said...

Yay for a great picture! Glad you had such a great time! I could change my profile picture to me in my cow costume from Halloween and you could photo shop me in- now that would be a hoot! LOL. Hope you recover from your busy week soon- I know you are so happy to be back with Morgan:)

Toknowhim said...

Great Picture... I see the love :)

Waiting on a recap of the weekend... Can't wait to hear what you learned :)


GratefulinGA said...

So you have some aawesome Photo skillz as well? Your talents never cease to amaze me! LOL!!

Kyra is asking questions bout your high flying act...she thinks you can really bounce (as in tigger)

I have not shared you secret in fear she will want to take her bed/sofa jumping to new heights.

love you girl,

Bennett said...

Lucky!! :) (or blessed rather that you got to meet Beth Moore) :)

Georgia Jan said...

Jenny Hope: BEAUTIFUL PICTURE!!! You both look so happy!!! I met you at the Siesta Fiesta and I
think you are sooooooooooo funny! Keep in the Word - raise that precious little girl up on Jesus!

Much love,
Another Southern Siesta,
Georgia Jan
Romans 15:13

Bennett said...

Thanks! I'm truly blessed! You're family is beautiful as well!

Melinda said...

So love this! Beautiful pic of two beautiful daughters of the King.


Holly said...

Awww, you both are just precious!

Just found out our church is starting Esther in January and I am SO pumped!! Can't wait to understand the whole Megillah (sp?)


twinkle said...

I just LOVE this picture! You don't have to say anything about just speaks for itself. You are two women totally in love with God's Word!
Nothing more beautiful...

Maybe you can tell Morgan that the present she found is for another little girl? Just don't you dare break her heart!

Andreea said...

How awesome that you got to meet her! And what a great picture of you two.

I love her so much. I know that I would still be in the bottom of the pit crying my eyes out had God not caused me to discover her. One Bible study and I was hooked. I have always said, anytime I hear her it's like she is speaking directly to me in my present situation (even when the stuff was taped a year--or 10--yearler.) In fact, I went on a trip out of the country recently and took a bunch of her CDs with me. I was like "I am not going ANYWHERE without her". LOL!

I am so excited for you that you got to meet her. Awesome!!!