Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Morgan makes me laugh so hard and she keeps me in tears at times.

Her newest thing is to ask me a question like this:

her: Momma can I have a cookie? yes or mo, yes or mo, yes or mo (no) real fast....
me: lol!! yes

Then, everytime she gets in trouble or knows she is about to get in trouble...mommy I sowry (sorry) I not want to go to time out. You'd think I abuse her or something with all of her I sowry's. I have had to tell her to stop saying she is sorry to which she says...I sowry.

Her again: Momma my stomach is hungry. She isn't hungry her stomach is. Then, speaking in 3rd person she says, "Morgan is hungry...Morgan needs to go to the potty and etc."

Today I was getting ready upstairs and knew she was up to something downstairs...I yelled Morgs what are you doing baby...
her: I am playing with God.
Well of course!
She had the manger scene out. But the baby Jesus is her she thinks...because she indeed is my baby. LOL!

Then, she said, "Momma I put God under the tree...but if we don't move him how is Santa going to put the presents under there?" That could teach.

Then, she fed the characters of the manger scene and put them in time out. The sinless Lamb of God in time out.

On to the funniest material:
Rod and I were in an argument. I just refused to argue tonight. So usually if I don't answer the phone or he doesn't...the text's begin. Don't you love technology?
So, he sends "me" all these texts. He goes to bible study, gets home, and apologizes. He said, "babe the Lord convicted me during bible study and I shouldn't have gotten on to you and I sent you a text in the middle of the session."
To which I being the text queen reply, "No, I didn't get any texts from you." He showed me his phone and to his horror he had sent all of those rude texts and then an apology to his friend Tim!! HAAAAA!! We died laughing!!! I was just glad I didn't get any of them!!


fuzzytop said...

Hi Jenny - I love the new photo at the top of your blog.... Well the previous one was just adorable too. The photos you had taken are absolutely beautiful.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


Yolanda said...

Oh, that is like, way DANGEROUS! Makes me think of my own situation that I posted on a week or so ago that I titled, How Low can you go?

You would probably get a good laugh out of me!

Blessings Siesta,

Lora said...

"Playing with God" - precious, precious, precious!

BethAnne said...

If you only knew how many times I had to replace the baby Jesus in our nativity scene when my boys were a couple of years younger....I so sympathize!!

darla said...

hahahahahaha Morgan is funny, the texts to the wrong person..PRICELESS!!! love you, and I adore the pic on the top of your blog! awesome...I need to email you for that chocolate cookie recipe you gave me last year..I cant find it..and If I don't make some soon...who knows will get my nasty texts meant for me...hubs is sure it will not be a merry christmas without them.. LOL

Profbaugh said...

Okay, I am laughing so hard I can't catch my breath!! I'm not good at texting. I can SO imagine myself doing the same thing as your hubby!!

Thanks for the laugh!!


ForHisGlory said...

That is too funny! I'm glad you posted those stories, I couldn't full understand on facebook!! Blessing to you!

Fran said...

First of all...the baby Jesus in timeout is priceless. Secondly, texting with Rod during the conviction process to the wrong person...again, priceless. Finally, I love ya to pieces. I'm grateful for you and our internet friendship! :)

jenlovesthelord said...

lol! The morgan stories made me laugh. Too cute.

Sherry said...

"Sinless Lamb of God in time out" - I just rolled all over the floor laughing!! hahahaaa!

mandy said...

HAHAHAHAH!!!! He sent 'em to his friend?!

My stomach is hungry too.