Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Summit Church at Birmingham, Trussville AL

I just heard from one of my high school teachers, Jil Greene, and she informed me that her church home is on the property that I used to live on. For reasons so personal to me I just sat here and cried at the faithfulness of my LORD. We grew up on 20 acres of land and let me tell you it was WORK. I wish I could just spill my guts on here of why this means so much to me...but I'm not.

Please check out their church. I may just have to pop in for a visit.


Bev Brandon said...

that is amazing jenny hope...
just want you to know that this thanksgiving week i will be on my knees praising God for you and praying for you, for your marriage, and for precious Morgo

Mindy said...

Hi. I got here from another blog.
I just wanted to say I know where Trussville, AL grandmother grew up there....and moved to GA when she married which might give you a clue where I grew up.
Nice to meet you!
In HIM -

ocean mommy said...

God is amazing. He is using that property for HIS glory.

Love you girl

Sherry said...

Seriously, teach me so I don't have to put the silly links on there. I always love that about your blog, but I have NO clue how to do that!!!!

You blog queen, you!

April in real life said...

The Lord is faithful... and it is amazing how he goes back to our past and makes all things new...He brings beauty from ashes... He is so good!

Love you!

Mary said...

Jenny -- praising with you and praying for you. God is faithful.

Mary said...

Jenny -- praising with you and praying for you. God is faithful.

twinkle said...

I'm feeling this one.
On my knees with you for just how unbelievably awesome He is.