Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pinky Promise

When I get home this afternoon I am going to start putting my notes out from what I learned at Breaking Free and about the trip in general....pause...there is a man sitting in front of me falling asleep at the mall. Just thought you needed to know.
I will give you the whole Megillah. That is a new term from my Esther study.
Megillah is the Hebrew word for scroll. Anyway, I have lots to share and I just wanted to check in. BTW, Morgan found her Christmas presents. She was telling me that I needed to give her her Rose Petal Cottage now. She doesn't want presents from Santa she said she wants them from Walmart. I told her I didn't have the Rose Petal Cottage (lie...sorry Lord) and she said, "Yes a's in your trunk. GO GET IT!" I just had to tell her I had no idea what she was talking about.


Patty said...

Oh No! What are you going to do? I had to laugh over Morgan wanting presents from Wal Mart not Santa. Can't wait to read your Megillah.

OH, I am going to Trav's thing in January in Georgia. We can have a mini Siesta vacation. What do you think?

Love you,

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Sydney found her Barbie car last year and I told her it was for a little girl in Africa. She was so sweet and said we needed to make sure and send a Barbie to go along with it.

On Christmas morning she was so excited to get a car 'just like' the girl in Africa.

I'm so ashamed to say there was no girl in Africa. Well I suppose there was but I didn't send her a Barbie Car.

Dang I shouldn't have told that. I just realized what a loser I am.

beckyjomama said...

OK, so, I have never commented here, but I have been known to lurk ... ahem, sorry...

But, here is the thing, I am TOTALLY jealous of you and have to bear my sin to the world.

Here are a list of the things about Jenny Hope that I covet:

1.You are friends IRL with my Fran and my Teri - even on facebook!

2.You have mad jumping skills - as displayed on Lindsey's facebook page and commented on my Fran and Teri ... (see number 1)

3.Ummmmm .... YOU AND BETH MOORE!!!!! Need I say more?!?!?!?!

4. Esther - you have it, you have finished it (probably) and I have not even FOUND it yet (at least not non-mail-away!!)

Soooo, there ya go ... I feel better now!

April in real life said...

Jenny I can't wait to hear... and by the way the end of your note cracks me up! Thanks for sharing! Love you girl!

Stephanie said...

Oh No! Are you just glossing over the Santa thing? I don't know what I'd do if that happened! Santa is bringing the Rose Petal Cottage to Abby- it is sooooo cute! I would have loved having that as a little girl. Can't wait to read your notes from this past week!

Maryanna said...

That's hilarious! Girl, thank you so much for my prayer message. I saved it so I could listen every day. I luv you girl.

Mary said...

Jenny -- I'm with you on gathering up my notes and processing my thoughts. Hey, at least you got your pictures up ... I'm doing that tonight. I promise myself and all six people who read my blog!
Girl, I just love you more than ice cream -- and I love ice cream!

Sharon said...

"She doesn't want presents from Santa she said she wants them from Walmart."
Oh, Jenny...that's classic! LOL! That's something my girls would say, too!

And Lisa the Preacher Wife's quote: "I'm so ashamed to say there was no girl in Africa. Well I suppose there was but I didn't send her a Barbie Car."
OMG! You ladies are sooo funny!!! I needed this laugh tonight so THANK YOU to both of you!

Reading your blog is a joy. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on Breaking Free.