Saturday, November 24, 2007

Elf Family

I am sorry but I just about died when I did this. CLICK HERE!!


Bev Brandon said...

that is hysterical
the funny thing was
it looked like i knew
some of thos people LOL

I am praying for your
Shell friend Linda...OH MY!
How very precious of you
to initiate a friendship with her,
it so reminds me of
how Jesus walked the earth
responding to those God brings
across your path...
you have such a huge heart for Him and I just love you to pieces...
I love your One Passion
I love your Longing Heart
I love your Searching Soul
I love your Childlike Faith
I love your Hungry Heart
You give us brief encounters
Gen. 14: 18,19
with our beautiful God, Jenny!
Psalm 32: 6-11 SAYS:
You have found your awesome God.
When the mighty waters RISE
they w8ill not reach Jenny
because you have found
I hid under my house as a child
I hid in my heart as an adult
No more hiding for me...
Your words, your life give much protection and makes me and others feel so surrounded by your Hiding Place...surrounded with songs of so honor your God! Just love you to pieces, Bev

Heather said...

I think the best was Rod's face! I was laughing! I did our family as well yesterday ... too much fun!

Little Steps Of Faith said...

Hey:) Laughed almost aloud:)
:) Love you!

Charity said...

Oh my goodness! That is absolutely hilarious!!! Landon watched it with me and laughed too. He actually said, "Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!" Who knows...go figure! ha! I will have to do one of those too! That look on your hubs face is priceless! Has he seen this?!

Faith @ The Great Adventure said...

Oh my word that is hiLARious!! I laughed so hard ... and ended up doing it for TJ, me, and my parents! ;) Thanks for the chuckle.

Jackie said...

too cute- that is funny!