Friday, November 9, 2007

Towels oh towels

Since you guys are so good at helping a sister out...I have another episode. Today I grabbed a towel out of my bathroom (which I thought was my new one) and proceeded to get ready. When I picked up the towel to dry off (hoping to smell that fresh clean downy smell) was so smelly and just know like a mildewed towel. Like it had been used for a couple of weeks...because it had. Yuck, yuck, yuck I screamed...this must be Rod's towel. Through the course of the last 2 weeks of Morgan being in the hospital and me being sick I never changed his towel out. He is like clockwork on his morning routine and usually hangs his towel over the shower door so I never dreamed of the mix up LOL!! So how long is to long to keep a towel before washing it? What do you think? You won't be judged if you keep yours to long :).

ps I would like to spank the 9 people who voted that they could see me driving in a van. Thank the Lord that it is anonymous. kidding


Heather said...

Should I confess how I voted? hehehehe! We do love ours and I never thought I would admit to liking much less loving a minivan! I heart it. Why did I wait so long??

Tam said...

Heather..."I heart it" - I love when people say that!

Jen, Have you checked out Crossover vehicles yet???

Towels? 4 or 5 days I guess. Is that too long or bad?

What is it with guys? Did Rod even notice his towel was toxic? Gross! You poor thang!

Charity said...

I personally change my towel everyday. That is probably silly, but our house right now is so small, I don't really have anywhere to keep a towel I could reuse. I only have one bathroom, so guests use this bathroom too. I can't really hang it over the shower rod like I would if I had my own "master" bathroom that no one ever used...does that make sense? My husband however usually uses his towels a couple of days.

BethAnne said...

We never use a towel twice. Growing up my mom made us be 're-users' so I decided I would always use a clean towel. I change hand towels in the bathroom about twice a week. I will tell you that I have been known to leave a load of towels in the washer without drying them and thus having 'stanky' mildewed smelling towels. My remedy for stanky towels is to add a 1/4 cup of bleach to the wash water and they come out smelling like a rose (well like fresh towels anyway).
As for the mini van, I cannot make myself get a mini van. I do drive an SUV, but the mini van screams "I have given up my youth" to me for some reason. All my friends drive mini-vans and I dont think they are dorky or old, but for me I cant go there just yet. Maybe someday, but not yet.

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

I think I agree with Tam. Unless if you are seriously stinky or something then sooner! :)

Anonymous said...

We use ours twice, then wash!