Sunday, November 18, 2007

I really do have common sense...I promise

I have had the day to myself so after church I went to the mall to look for something that my dad had wanted and I ran into a bunch of my friends from hunter street (and of course) I talked for a while. Anyway, I forgot to mention that I kept the nursery this morning...what a blessing (besides the dirty diapers...yuck). I love those little sweeties and how they say the most darling things. I also get so tickled when I see a child and I have known their parents for a while and I can see what traits they have of their mom and dad. There is one little sweetie named Ella, she is the most beautiful little thing...and she cracks me up! I said to her today..."Ella, why are you so cute? Did Jesus make you that way?" "Yes He did," she replied. It sends me rolling. I felt so bad for this one kid because he dropped a bomb in his pants if you know what I am saying. I was gagging and telling him what a stinky he had and he would shake his head and laugh so hard. He was very proud of dropping that bomb (some daddy was training him right)! Boys! Then, I asked one of Morgan's friends if she was good in her preschool class and she said, "Mrs. Susie says....shhhhhhhhh! to her!" So I guess Morgan is already getting in trouble for talking. That would be her following suite since I would take honors classes make straight A's and occasional B's and get a U-unsatisfactory in conduct on my report card and be grounded for weeks. I heard "Miss Wells, stop talking" (even if it wasn't me) a million times!

On to the common sense story. I went to Best Buy last week to get my IPod looked at. Anyway, I went to the restroom to wash my hands from the people at Walmart getting grease all over the steering wheel. I stood there like an idiot not knowing if the soap was going to come out automatically or the towels (they were manual). With all of the high tech battery operated dispensers and automatic flushing toilets and sensors on the hand dryers and sinks...I am really starting to get confused. Anyway, there is only one Burger King around the area that I live, so I decided since I was on that side of town to go and get me some lunch. Then, I realized since the line was so long that I could go inside since I didn't have Morgan. I went in, ordered, and started to get my drink. It was a fountain drink and I for the life of me could not figure out how to get the Sprite to come out. I thought maybe I should set my cup down and it would come out automatically. Wrong...finally I was like how in the world does this work and the girl started busting out laughing. She told me that I just needed to push the button...oops. To my defense it was not a traditional dispenser and just had buttons with the name of the drink on it. I promised her that I had some sense and she laughed...but seriously is anyone but me getting confused with all of this? LOL (Laugh out loud)!!!!


Little Steps Of Faith said...

See what happens when you live in the world...brainwashing LOL.

Hope you had a better rest of the day!

Charity said...

Oh my goodness...I got A's and occasional B's in elementary and ALWAYS got NI-needs improvement in "talking in class." We didn't have "conduct". Too funny!

Don't feel is moving along TOO fast for us to keep up with! I do the same thing all the time! AND if you are like me, you have a TON of things on your mind and you are trying to multi-task too many things! That's my excuse! ha ha!