Thursday, November 29, 2007

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Please go and read the latest entry on Fran's blog about Bethlehem. It is so good. Then read Bev's entry about leading a quiet life. They are such precious women!!!

So it is official my child is a biter!! She is biting kids at school! Any advice?

On another has been a hard few days with the Morganater. We were in search of bippy's (her MiMi calls them that so that is the new word for a passy). She was screaming all through Burlington coat factory biiiiippeee! If you are from the south you can add the twang to it because it has some southern twang when she says it. So, I could only find bumble bee passy's which are not what she wanted. She has a particular kind. So she screamed and screamed biiiippee biiippee all throughout the store. I was having such a hard time with her and I needed to go to the restroom and get out of there. I go to the restroom and try to take the buggy (a.k.a. shopping cart) in with her. A lady says, "honey, you can't take this in here." I said, "ma'am I have no merchandise in this cart...only her...and so I guess I should let her crawl around under the stalls while I am going to the restroom." I had such a hard day that it almost pushed me over the edge. I have even been having to carry around the spanking spoon with me because she has been so unruly (2 1/2 years old).

Then, today we went to Walmart to look for her bippy's. She pitched a good fit wanted some Go Diego Go stuff and this guy stares at me with the most puzzled face. Then, I said..."have you not ever had a kid?" He said that he had and I was like well okay then. Anyway, it cracks me up when people look at a tenacious, strong-willed two year old and expect her to be 20!!

We have been running circles around the house chasing each other so I am pretty worn out!
We were listening to Watermark's "All Things New" which is one of the best cds ever. I also broke out Passion's "Better is Oneday" cd. They are my favorite! Get them if you can!!


SnappyCasualGifts said...

My child bites when he is teething. He did this last year at school. What I did was buy the Listerine Cinn. flavored breath strips. I tear off just a little piece & put it in his mouth anytime he would bite. It dissolves on his tongue, so he can't get it out. The Cinnamon is hot, so that is why I use that flavor. ONLY use a small piece. Around a 1/4 of a sheet. It works for me.

Anonymous said...

So did you find the bippys?

jennyhope said...

Willblogforshoes aka Bee! I did!! I found them at Fred's on Lorna road!!!
Praise God!!! I always remember your passy's for peace story! LOL

Tam said...

I agree! Those 2 CD's are phenomenal!

Ok! I shared this with another mom on her blog a while back and it made me nervous but oh well, I'm gonna share it here too!

Once when my kids were much younger Kassidi, then almost 4, bit Kota, about 1 1/2 yrs old then, on his arm. She had never bit before, to my knowledge, and I sooo was not gonna have that. I stood there dumbfounded for a moment and the first thought that came to mind was bite her back. I know! Stupid. No, I didn't bite her back. But...I did make her put her own arm in her mouth and made her bite down until she left the same marks on her skin that she left on her little brothers! Then she knew exactly what it felt like to bit by her! She cried forever - mostly out of shame I think. But she never bit again.

Don't approve this comment if you think Child Protective Services might come for me!

Love you girl!

Why don't you tell Morgan that the darling little cat that keeps coming to your door ate all her favorite passy's. She might accept that AND not like cats anymore. It could be a win/win!

jennyhope said...

Tam I am so going to do this!! you crack me up!! That is a great idea about the biting and the meow kitty

Tam said...

Whew! that's a relief! I can let my kids out of hiding then???

Let us know how it goes!

If the cat thing doesn't work out - I have a Jeep with kitty DNA on it that veers toward those things =)

Bev Brandon said...

What I LOVE LOVE LOVE about you is your big huge heart for your good God. Your passion for HIM. My children so exposed my heart and it was so stinkng hard at times. My younger daughter started biting at "2" when it seemed no one else in the world was biting. After 2 weeks at "Mother's Day Out" of biting, she was kicked out of the program for biting the pastor's son. He was screaming & she wanted him to STOP so she would take matters in her own hands and she had to learn that life doesn't work that way. Some kids are so overt in their "sins." Wonder what is going on in Morgan's heart? Morgan will learn she can have her say but can't have her way...she'll learn through your loving discipline so hang in there. And ask what's going on in your heart,too, like you so beautifully do. Let your beautiful LORD come all over you like you so beautifully do!!!! You are so far along Jenny Hope in your walk and you will pass on your beautiful heart to precious Morgan - Deut 6:6...and you will keep going to your beautiful God who is saying "Come to Me, Jenny Hope, and I will give you Rest." Matt. 11:28 -
PS - we went to another MDO program and she was kicked out of that one for "cursing" at 3---mind you, she had never even heard a curse word from us, nor in her protected world, not til she went to this MDO program and was repeating what a little boy there was telling her. We will be misunderstood. But you are doing it Jenny Hope---doing what your beautiful God wants you to do to follow Him. What is He saying to you? Listen to Him and what He is saying to you in the core of your heart. Hold fast to HIM. You know His Voice! What a beautiful mom you are! Praying for you sweet girl and your precious Morgan! This too will pass...

Heather said...

I'm not the only one who has a baby who throws F.I.T.S? Lord help me lately as my 18 month old child is going to be the death of me! He is spending MUCHO time in time-out! I'll pray for you and you pray for me. I am MOM hear me cry out for help! :)

Heather said... best friend has a little boy who bites and she bit him back. She was told to do it and it worked. I also like Tam's response. I've never dealt with biters ... now a hitter is another story all together!

Charity said...

BLESS YOUR HEART!!! I can totally relate! Landon is starting to get unruly as well!! I don't know what to do with him sometimes! I guess as they say, "this too shall pass" hang in there!

Also... still LOVING my watermark cd! You are the best!

BethAnne said...

I have so been there (only with boys instead of girls). I had a woman at WalMart tell me I couldnt take my son in the bathroom with the buggy - I had nothing in the cart but him! What is up with that? Now if I have to go in the bathroom with a buggy, I just rush in there before anyone can catch me.
I wish I could help you on the biting thing. I have heard that pepper works, but I don't know. My kids didnt bite. One hit and the other pooped in his pants until he was three. So, you probably dont want to take any mothering advice from me. I think all kids have a 'vice' or problem that is unique to them.
When my son was almost three my husband made me take away the pacifier. He loved his paci's. Anyway, I told him that when you turn three your pacifiers go away. And so I prepared him for a few months "Better enjoy that paci now, because on your third birthday, they will be gone". (I know its cruel, but sometimes we resort to new lows when we are at the end of our ropes). So, when he turned three I took them and threw them in the trash (they really did go away - I just didnt tell him where they went or who took them there). He was at church and they were making a craft that said "My God will Supply All my Needs " at the top and the teacher wrote on there what the kids had said they were in need son said that he knew that God would help him find his pacifiers! Talk about feeling like a heel!!
Anyway, sorry for writing a book -- hope your day is better.

Fran said...

Oh Jenny. I'm sorry. But, I'm laughing at all this stuff with the "Morganator" going on. With my 3 boys, I don't think there was anything we didn't see or do when they were little. At least one of mine hit, bit, cried all the time, stomped, threw food, wouldn't eat food, wore the pull up forever, wouldn't go to sleep in their bed at night, told kids what to do, let kids walk all over them, blah blah blah too.

ITS NUTS! But guess what?? You know the answer. You will survive and in the big scheme of won't matter. You love her, be there for her, and set boundaries and stick with them.
That will carry her forever!!! Along with Jesus, thats the best gift you can give her.

I love ya!

connorcolesmom said...

Oh my goodness that sounds a bit like my day. I had to take Cole with me to Walmart and he wore me out!! We always have the spanking spoon with us. My hubby said he heard a story from The Dobson moment that says children with confident, consistent, and kind parents are the ones that are the most strong willed.
HMM.. I am not sure is that is comforting to you or not :)
Have a great weekend.
My parents came to get the boys since I am still so sick. I plan to sleep most of the weekend!!
Love ya,

Bev Brandon said...

hey, i can't find your e-mail address on your here is mine:

You have a Strength in you that is so inviting, so compelling, so's your beautiful God...I love you Jenny Hope!!!!!

Enjoy that precious girl today! Out of all the mothers in the whole world, God chose you to be Morgan's mom and loaned her to you...and you are influencing her for Eternity. How blessed Morgan is to have a mom like you who cares, who loves, who lives for her beautiful God! Have a great weekend and e-mail me when you to hear from you.

Susan said...

On the pacifier thing (we called them fa-fa's...I don't know why)...our first born was totally addicted. He stashed them all throughout the house and would run off for "a fa fix" whenever needed. He did not have them at bedtime or at naptime and we didn't cart them around with us anywhere, but we "allowed" him his horde. We pretended not to see him. When we moved (he was 4) we found them EVERYWHERE!

Our second child didn't like them and started sucking her thumb. I freaked because I sucked my thumb until I was seven! So I talked to the pediatrician and she said that does tend to run in families! WHO KNEW????!!!! So we started force-feeding the fa to her and she eventually accepted it. When she was about 2, my sister became pregnant with twins and so we began talking to My Girl about sending the fa's to the twins. When the girls were born, we packed up the fa's in a box, and I "mailed it". My Girl never flinched, never asked for them, never had trouble falling asleep and, more importantly, didn't go back to sucking her thumb (my worst nightmare).

Third child...he was one his own. He did what he wanted, we let him have the fa whenever and he decided when to give them up. And he is totally normal and fine!

Bottom will ALL work out in the end and guess what? She'll be FINE!

As for the husband was a firm believer in biting the one that bites. Only takes one time, doesn't make a lick of sense and I totally freaked when he did it.

Hugs and love for ya.


Faith @ The Great Adventure said...

I like Tam's suggestion for dealing with the biting! I'm sure she is wearing you out but take heart; your faithfulness and love will reap eternal rewards!

Suzanne B said...

Ok, I see it has already been mentioned, but bite her back (not hard of course). We had the same issue with Walker and once my sister bit him back, that was the end of that.

Miss you!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

I've been there!! Hang in there it does get better!

You are a great mommy. :)