Friday, November 2, 2007

We are Home

We are home from the hospital! Give Him some praise! I can't wait to share some things that the Lord did for me! Until then here are some more pictures and thanks so much for the prayers!!

Believe it or not I do clean the television but Morgan puts her hands all over it. Anyway, check out her heels. It is hard being a girl!!

her trying to walk in her hills


Me and my buddy Mr. Jim!

Morgan and friends!


Fran said...

YEAH!! I am so glad ya'll are home!! I tell ya, there is nothing worse than being in the hospital with your child. I know God was all over you, her, Rod, everything, everybody. I cannot wait to hear what He did during that time.

Thank you sweet one for your precious Word over me. I've got it marked in my Bible and soon to go on a card for me to have with me always. You are gift Jenny. Thank you. Truly.

Bless you always. May God give you some good, good sleep tonight.
Welcome home precious Morgan.
Love and blessings,

He Knows My Name said...

yes we certainly are giving Him praise. \o/ \o/ glad you are home.


Charity said...

I am so glad you guys are home!! I can't wait to hear what all the Lord did!!

Anonymous said...

Wheres the Windex! J/K!!!
Our TV looks like that from time to time!

So glad Morgan is back home! Poor baby!

debra said...

awesome news...

Tam said...

Yay!!!! Glad she's back!

Bev Brandon said...

how precious is the girl in the, i didn't know she was hospitalized and what a difficult thing to watch your precious girl in the hospital being poked all missionary daughter was in the hospital last week---she has had a few biopsies for pre-cancer cells in cervix and she's clear, praise God! The tests are so invasive...but a little one doesn't understand what's going happy you guys are home and i pray your precious girl will have answers soon ---that was a lot of interruption to her little body---oh my! Hope she's okay and back in her heels real soon!

darla said...

HOpe your little priness is feeling better by now...been praying for her,, and her momma. I absolutely love her hills! what a cute age...and those eyes!! oh my!!

connorcolesmom said...

I have been thinking of your sweet family. I hope you get some rest and continue to enjoy your darlinf daughter!
Love ya,