Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Morgan and Santa

So, we went to see Santa today and Morgan was petrified! We went and met her cousins and they did great. She on the otherhand was shaking. Anyway, she has tights on but she got sucker all over them.
I love the picture anyway!
Have a great thanksgiving! I will be working hard all weekend. I haven't had much time in blog land due to work. :)


Little Steps Of Faith said...

Oh dear siesta, you know I HEAR you on that! See for me its been the oppisite, I work at night, so sleep during the day during the time I have time, you work all day so dont have anytime until night lol.

Be Blessed girl, I will be praying it all goes okay 4 ya:)


Charity said...

That is the MOST PRECIOUS pic EVER!! At least she doesn't look petrified! I can't wait to take Landon to see Santa! He wasn't scared last year, but he might be this year, who knows!

I got my cd yesterday! Already listened to it last night! Thank you SO much for sending that! That was SO sweet of you! Believe me...that is probably all I will listen to in the car for a while! I plan on returning the favor!

darla said...

Happy Thanksgiving Princess!

He Knows My Name said...

cute. looks like she got thru it just fine.

hope you have a lot of buying customers this weekend. i'll be working today myself. i have no idea why i am blogging right now.

thank you for your prayers. i'll talk to you soon.

Faith @ The Great Adventure said...


Fran said...

She is just ADORABLE! I'm so glad she smiled and wasn't crying....thats all my youngest ever did....its still pretty adorable too though! Hope your weekend is good.

Blessings friend~