Thursday, November 8, 2007

Little Red Corvette...I mean (blue cough cough) Corsica

I had turned sixteen but it would be about five months before I would get my first car. I had dreamed of this day. I was sure I was going to be able to get a Camaro or Firebird something really cool that all of the other 16 year old kids were driving (but had no business driving). Then the blessed day arrives when my dad pulls in the driveway with this little beauty. I managed to find a picture of her on another website. Just take a minute and drink it in. NO OFFENSE to anyone with a Corsica this just wasn't my dream.

When he gave me the keys I didn't know whether to be happy or to cry. Before you think...what a spoiled brat... I had to pay for every dime of that car (so I was at least hoping for a say in the matter). So, old blue got me to my first job and back at the local K-Mart and to school and an occasional unapproved trip on the great interstate to the mall. She even used to stall out while I was driving when it was cold. That was really fun. The air conditioner quit working the day I got Betsy. That was the hardest $3000 I have ever worked for (plus gas and insurance...gas was .99 cents a gallon then and I thought that was a lot).
Maybe this is where I get my van issues (see previous post). :)
I have some really meaningful things to blog about but just not in this post. So did anyone else have a great first car like me?


Bev Brandon said...

you are absolutely adorable...
if you ever figure out how to import songs on blog w/o buying again from ITunes, let me KNOW...

my sixteen year old gets his driver's license and car at Christmas---it's a black car (don't ask me what kind---it's small and kind of sporty---all i know is it is black) and it has been through two girls in college...the first girl begged me to rip off the bumper stickers cause of looks she was getting (they said Aggie Mom and Sooner Mom) and she had a run off the road accident in it---UH OH and my second daughter had it at OU and someone backed into the driver's door so you have to get in by the passenger son is absolutely thrilled to get this black car in just a few weeks....woohoo! you so made me smile tonight and I am so dealing with such heaviness right now and so thankyouthankyouthankyou for bringing me sure do bring God to many...just love your posts and comments!

Charity said...

You are hilarious by the way! Oh, and I love your music on the blog!

I got super lucky on my first car. My mom has a sister that never had any children and I am an only child myself. So, I am kind of like my aunt's daughter as well! My uncle was getting ready to sell his 1990 Ford Probe and get a new one. They sold it to us for DIRT cheap! It was red, turbo stick shift, had a cd player and a tape player! It even had a sunroof! I guess I AM spoiled! However, I am very appreciative for everything my family has done for me!

Hope you are still able to hold Rod off on the whole minivan thing! ;)

connorcolesmom said...

Oh I might have you beat. My dad bought me an 85 oldmobile cutlass cierra that had a fan blet that squealed constantly especially when I stopped at a red light. It would also stall at a moments notice. Oh it was great plus it had been a smokers car so it constantly smelled bad. Fun times. I was so glad when I got to college and worked and bought myself a new mazda protege.

Faith @ The Great Adventure said...

I agree with Bev, you really are adorable! :)