Sunday, December 30, 2007

Just Because

Just to show you what an addictive personality I have...
It is 1 am and I really needed to chew some of THIS gum. It is my favorite and I go through a container of it in like 3 days. So, here I am gum and all. And I should be shot because my 2 1/2 year old child is up and she needed some gum we are both in the bed watching Veggie Tales latest "The Wizard of Ha's" chewing our gum. As a side note I am so taking her to her first trip to the movie theater to see THIS.

Oh and my bad on the last post...i need to finish it. sorry.

Only a few more shifts at j jill and I am finished! Give Him some Praise. I am so tired of it and can't wait to be finished and be at home with Morgan.


Bev Brandon said...

When I got to your last post and it stopped like that---I thought to myself, she thinks just like me...

Veggie Tales is some sweet memories for me---OH WHERE IS MY HAIRBURSH?????????

My friend's funeral today...I am very close friends with her daughter for past 16 years as our boys are same age and were born at same time. We all grew up together. She developed a very rare disease no one has ever heard of, she went into a coma a week ago and is before the Throne tonight.. She was my age. Her husband spoke today and said: don't plan for retirement, plan for Eternity---she never made it to retirement here. She indeed lived for another world. You are always welcome to ask me anything!

Leigh said...

Good for you! If you can stay home, I applaud you! It is truly a gift for both of you.

Fran said...

I've got an addictive personality too Jenny. That can be a good thing or a really bad thing! My current addiction is caffeine...we are moving this week and it is getting me through all the stuff!

I am sooooo happy that your job is almost over....don't celebrate until you get out of the store!! :)

I'm proud of you for doing all you have done and continue to do. And, here's to living by faith and living in His coutry each and every moment of 2008!

Love ya~

Tam said...

Yay! You're almost done with work! Well, at least work outside the home. we know that a mamma's work is never done! Does Morgan EVER sleep?

Have you taught her how to blow bubbles yet?