Sunday, December 9, 2007

One more thing before I pass out

John 21:25
25 Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.

I love how a word of scripture will just come to me while I am tending to the house. The Lord is so practical. I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to clean so I can have some focus tomorrow. We stayed with Rod's parents this weekend so I had to unpack and wash clothes. Anyway, I must confess that I have been very challenged by ongoing trials lately and have felt extremely weary. I don't think men read this blog and if they do oh well because there are references to women have their period in the bible (Genesis 31:35 Rachel said to her father, "Don't be angry, my lord, that I cannot stand up in your presence; I'm having my period." So he searched but could not find the household gods.)...and if God can make mention of it so can I! I have been irregular this month and have been going on two weeks...let me say it again TWO WEEKS of having my little enemy visitor. So, that has not been helping things at all. I can cry at the drop of a hat, my face is oily, I am constantly craving sweet and then salty things....and I feel fat to boot! I did something horrible and weighed myself in front of Rod at his parents house. I swore that their scales were off (Dr. scales) and that my dollar general scales at home were accurate. Or maybe it was the fact that I ATE LIKE A PIG when they took us to dinner on Friday (hushpuppies, french friesX10, and fried chicken fingers). Being a woman is really hard some times!
On to the point Jenny...I want to just share everything but not at the expense of hurting anyone to be authentic. I however have had a very tough life. Not in comparison to some people but that is relative. Anyway, I kept thinking that one day I was going to grow up and leave all of that hard life behind and guess what?!?! That didn't happen. Thankfully, I had a head on collision at the cross. I praise God for calling me out of darkness and for giving me hope. I can not even imagine the depth of destruction I would be in apart from Him. I have also known for the majority of my life what it is to struggle (again relative). There have been times lately where I have been sharing with people about Jesus and I have had to tell them "Listen, you don't have the time for me to even be able to begin to tell you all that Christ has done for me...and all of the ways that I know, that I know...that He is the Way and The Truth. I was talking with a guy a couple of weeks ago at the mall. He is from Israel and I asked him did he speak greek. He works there and I have had the opportunity to speak with several of the people that are with him from their. Anyway, it peaked his interest that I was interested in his native language. I told him how I longed to visit Israel. He said I should go during this time of year because of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur would be happening and that it was the same as Christmas in America...which you know I replied to that one. I am fascinated with Jewish culture but I don't come close to knowing what I would like to about it. So, I kindly said no, it is not the same as Christmas. He then said oh you believe in Jesus. I said yes! I believe that He is God. He told me that he did not believe in God and that he was his own god. He is being honest...the difference in a lot of people in America is that they live for themselves as god but they just don't come out and say it. Oh let me mention that the people from his booth had just finished hitting on me before our when the conversation turned I don't think they were ready for it. So, I am not about bashing anything over any one's head...but I wanted to try to reason with them in respect. He asked me how I knew that He was real and if He is real why didn't He speak to Him. I then told him that God speaks through His word...and that he needed to call on the Lord to be saved (Acts 2:22). I said okay if you are god...why do you work at the mall? Before I left I told him I would pray for him and that I would be really scared to think that I was "god" and that this is as good as it got...sinful me. As I was leaving he said, pray that I will make a lot of money. My thing was if he is god like he says then why do I need to pray for him to make money...if God says something it happens. So obviously this guy has no control if he thinks he is is a puny, powerless, god. I went on to tell him specific prayers that I had prayed that God has answered that no one else knew about. I asked him if he thought it was a coincidence. He had no reply. When I talked to my friends at the gas station and told them of specific prayer requests that I had petitioned to God about over the years that He answered (I also assured them that God did not have to answer any of those prayers...but He did) they were again stunned and I told them that we didn't even have time to get into how alive and at work He is...because we didn't. That is why I love the verse in John 21:25. Jesus came to this earth and did so much here that there aren't enough books in the world to write it all down. That blows me away. I think sometimes we say oh 3 years of ministry for Jesus, the cross, and it was done and whatever He did we see it in the gospels. Wrong. He did way more than we have time or capacity to take in. It amazes me.

So, when I am in a slump and wondering how I am going to make it I think back on all of the ways He has worked in the past and I have to continually fix my eyes on His word. I blow it and falter but I never cease to be amazed. I have been blessed to struggle because I have seen God show up so many times in my ways that it could only be God.

TO BE CONTINUED because I am about to drop.


Darla said...

very awesome girl! We all struggle, and some of us have had those rough pasts..But AMEN God is always good.

**I have often wondered the same about those who claim to be there own God..what are you doing working like me..and having such a hard time!?** LOL love your thinking!

BethAnne said...

Two weeks? That is crazy - I am praying for you.
The guy from Israel, is he one of those hand lotion/nail selling people? In our mall, those people are from Israel and I had a similar conversation with the girl who works there. She was not interested in hearing about God and she REALLY didn't want to hear about Jesus. I love those people so much.....I also would love to go to Israel, but I probably won't get to until I go with Jesus (my husband thinks it is too dangerous and he says we will eventually go just not on this side of heaven).

Thanks for your words - they are always an encouragement!

Fran said...

Oh Jenny, I'm so encouraged by your strength and love for Jesus! You get out there and "do the thing!" Can I be so bold to say that most times i'm chicken little and am afraid I'll mumble something that makes me look like an idiot! I'm so proud. I bet I get the chance though and I'll let you know what happens!

And, I know you are exhausted on many levels. I'm praying for you sweet siesta.

May He bring you rest~

Leigh said...

Great post! I commend you for trying to reason with the Israele.I also can understand the thing with inconsistance on the period. I too sufer. Am going to have it taken care of ( after Christmas. Say a prayer for me.

Fran said... more thing...I hope you dropped long enough to get some rest. If you drop too long, I'll be so very sad. You are life and a blessing to me. :)

Love ya~

He Knows My Name said...

yep, i can just see you talking to this guy. you are a bomb and such an encouragement.

let me tell you a story from when i was about 21 and one i am not proud of but i tell it because i learned from it and i am pointing out that you are not like i was.

i have a star of david necklace i wear occasionally. back then i wore it alot. there was this christian that i worked with whom i also knew from my youth group growing up and we hung together occasionally and then there was this jewish guy. he asked her why does she wear that necklace, is she jewish? she had already asked me that question on a previous day and i proudly replied because i am a child of the king, Jesus was jewish, he is my father, he had a jewish mother, i am His child. not verbatim but something along these lines.

well this yamika wearing guy walks up to my desk asks why do you wear this necklace are you jewish or are you just being ecumenical (i did not know what that meant at the time and was too proud to apppear dumb) i stammered and said something i so totally regret like i just like it or something stupid. i don't know exactly how i answered but i do know i had a pit in my stomach and i did not speak the name of Jesus like i wanted. joe goldman, i still remember his name, i still remember where he was standing and turning away from me having not heard my Jesus name.

you are awesome jenny. no regrets. you spoke truth. you planted a seed. he will may always remember that conversation. the holy spirit will do the rest. God Bless you Jenny i am so thankful for you.

i will lift your health up in prayer. don't wait too long to consult a dr if you are not sure what is going on. if it were me i would know it was my fibroid because 10 days+ was my norm. i'm done ptL but may still have to have it out one day if it doesn't shrink. sorry tmi.

Bev Brandon said...

whoa...two weeks is two weeks too long...whoa

we all struggle with the flesh and it will always be there but praise God He has done something about that one...and you so surrender to your Sovereign Savior...have mercy on all of us our good God, have mercy...He's looking at you tonight through his Eyes of Mercy for He is your Light of your your passion and I love the way He lifts your head held high - Psalm 3:3