Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Praise The LORD, O My Soul

Psalm 103 is so good!

Yesterday, I went to my mailbox, opened my mail, and began to sob. Rod pulled up at that same time and honked the horn as I was, face in hands, crying. He thought I must have received a really horrible bill or something. After being married all this time he still doesn't get me :). Here is the story of why I was crying:
A couple of weeks ago some co-workers and I were talking about the family that is in need (that instead of playing dirty santa we would try to help them) that I have mentioned on here several times. If you don't know what I am talking about you can read it HERE and HERE. So, I get back to work after a week off (Rod went hunting in Kansas and came back Sunday) and I go in the back break room and see that the flyer's I made about them were torn down, thrown away, and something else was put in it's place (it wasn't even my idea to do the flyers). The store manager was not there when we talked about helping this family and it was not her idea so she tore them down. That is a whole different story but I was furious. I feel sorry for her that she is that caught up in having to have authority that she would spitefully throw up a different thing to be "in charge". It amazes me the kind of controlling power trip that people get on. So, I was so glad that she had already left or I would have lost it. I had already told this family that we were going to help them and she had a different idea that she had never mentioned until we came up with a family in need to help. How low.
I almost bust into tears at work and I decided that I was going to go home and pray and entrust this family's Christmas to the Lord. I was going to cast my cares on Him and know that He cares for me and He cares for this family that I was trying to reach.
I forgot to mention that I had sent out an email to my friends that I have made over the years at church asking if any of them were interested in helping this family. So, yesterday I get to the mailbox and there was a check for $350 from a precious friend who was in my singles class, $50 in gift cards from another precious woman that was in my bible study, and $50 from a lady that I don't even know that works with my little sister. I took this so personal that my Lord would do this for me...for them. He truly upholds our cause regardless of how the enemy tries to thwart our plans.
I went yesterday to give them the gift cards and etc and Linda and her son were at work. They bawled their eyes out. I am not kidding. Kevin couldn't even talk. They don't belong to a church family, so I don't know that people have ever tried to reach out to them before. God was so glorified through the precious people that gave. Kevin told me how sad he was that he just came to know the Lord and that it took this to happen to his wife for him to know Jesus. I was able to tell them that people that did not even know them, loved them and wanted to help them in their low estate. They were overwhelmed because God showed up and had compassion on them. Then I went to bible study and others gave as well. I took it so personal that people who did not know them would reach out and care. God spoke volumes to me over this. It is not about the money but about the gospel being proclaimed to this family and the people who helped by prayer and monetarily helped open a door to show the love of Christ to them.

The Lord reminded me to continue to throw off my cares and burdens to Him and that He would triumph over my enemy and show up in a huge way. This world and the enemy WILL NOT PREVAIL against My Mighty King! Glory to Him who sits upon the throne.

Matthew 16:18 ESV
18And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.


Fran said...

"Thank you Jesus! Thank you for being fully alive and active in Jenny as she reached out to these people and they have seen you at your finest!"

I've got a big ole lump in my throat Jenny....I'm just so thrilled for your friends and for how awesome the body came together! We can do that can't we?!

God is so good and He is completely faithful when we go out on a limb for Him. Bless you friend. May the fruit of this be
carried on to others.


Bev Brandon said...

One thing I love about you, among many things, is that you go into the highways and bi-ways and say in your heart---I'm so inviting you in to my God. You are not a respecter of persons. Just like the gas station lady. You touch my soul deeply because you daily live groaning in this world (Romans 8) and advancing His Kingdom. I loved what Fran said---these new friends just glimpsed Jesus.

We are going to be basket cases if we ever get to meet cause I think I will just cry all over you...LOL...are you going to Siesta Land or whatever it is called? I have my wristband and hope my wrist will be in it.

connorcolesmom said...

PRAISE THE LORD that is awesome!
God is so good how He just shows up when you least expect it.
It is awesome how God has laid this family on your heart and how He has given you the ability to continue to minister to them. That is something awesome and will stay with this family forever!
God bless,

Heather said...

How competely awesome! Go God! It is so cool when he shows up beyond our wildest immaginations!

Teri said...

God loves to show Himself huge...He is amazingly intimate. I am so happy for you, and for the special family God is touching in your midst!

Alissa said...

Is it too late for me to give to this family? I have been meaning to give you something for them. Can I still give?

BethAnne said...

What an awesome story. I love how He came through for you through His people. I am tearing up just reading about it. Man, He is good!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Our God is so Good! I'm praising the Lord with you!!

I'm praying for that manager, praying that she will see Christ in you and that she will be drawn to HIM.

You are such a blessing to me, thanks for your comments earlier today!


Becky said...

I so enjoyed reading your blog. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!!!! What a true blessing to know God has allowed you and your family to receive and be apart of such and awesome blessing. Don't let the co worker still your joy. I will be in prayer for you, your family, the family you are helping and the coworker. PRAYER always works.

Your siesta
Attalla, AL

twinkle said...

Jenny, Jenny, Jenny! Jesus is working through YOU!! Can we both just high-five Jesus right now! He is so way more than I can even begin to understand and I love that about Him. I am so glad He has allowed you to be a part of His work drawing this family to Him. You are His heart right now, reaching out with compassion on someone who is poor in spirit. Press on and don't let the heartless one interfere. (((HUGS)))

He Knows My Name said...

what a wonderful christmas to remember. you go girl in the name of Jesus you go.