Tuesday, December 25, 2007

pain, pain, pain.

*Update on the hand. The doctor put it in a brace and it hurts like crazy! =) Thank you all for checking on me.

morgan is over the pneumonia...PRAISE Him. Then, Sunday night more fun came down the chimney at the Williams house!
I am trying to type w 1 hand...
Morg was in the living room w/a metal spatula and ran to me and slammed the edge into the bones in my left hand. So, I am waiting to get in to the dr. in the morning 2 c what they will do. so if you ever need a weapon and don't believe in guns just hit them in the hand w a spatula.

Merry CHRISTmas. I really can't wait to share something from the word...but it would take me a day to type w one hand. =)
i love u all

ps morgan loved all of her gifts and one of the best highlights of my family time this weekend was that i beat my 9 year old nephew at connect four like 7 times in a row. =)

and i got to tell my brother that he was a cotton headed ninny muggins. Does anyone feel me here?


mandy said...

oh girl... ouch ouch ouch!!!!

and, cotton headed ninny muggins = LOL!

hope your hand heals!

darla said...

LOL feelin you here, that would have been a good one for me to use with my little brother! I will store it in my memory for New Years eve! Hope you don't have any bones broke in your hand...will pray about that!

My son gave me a concusion at that age running his hard head into mine..that could also be weapon!

Leigh said...

Oh, yeah... CHNM! that is huge (connect four).
Hope you feel better! I can imagine how that hurts!

Bev Brandon said...

oh dear! that doctor is seeing way too much of you guys...i am so sorry! i hope it's not broken. oohhh! oooooohhhh! oooooooohhhhh!
(and that's with a Texas accent)
i loved your last post about being a doer of the word because you will not be like John 5: 39,40 for you will Come to Jesus for life. He is the Living Word. He is your Home. He is your Life. You are so precious Jenny Hope. Let us know what the doctor says...praying for your humble hand, your humble heart

Heather said...

Hope your hand feels better! Praying for you!

He Knows My Name said...

jenny, oh man that had to hurt. let me know the outcome.

i am completely in the dark on what you called your brother. fill me in in case i need to use that phrase in the fiture. i might need a new one ;)

if i were there i'd give you an ice pack and a hug. ~janel

He Knows My Name said...
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SnappyCasualGifts said...

I hope your hand is OK & that you had a nice Christmas.

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Ouch. Praying about that hand!!!


Fran said...

Oh Jenny! Please tell us that you are ok and back to having two working hands!!

And, I just love the movie Elf. We have watched 213 times in the last week!!

darla said...

Hope your hand is feeling better! you are certianly going to need it to do the meme on my blog that you are soooo tagged for! can't wait to read your answers! love ya, and kiss that precious Morgan for me..still praying

CrownLaidDown said...

Hey sorry about the sickness (glad it's over!) and the hurt hand! Praying for the LORD to quickly bring healing.

As for a church in Denver...we are actually a good 40 minutes from the edge of Denver, but my friend Joanne (The Simple Wife) said they go to Cherry Hills Community in Highlands Ranch and they love it!

Joanne said you are welcome to give your friend her phone number, so email me back and I will give it.

Have a blessed Thursday!!
In His Joy,

twinkle said...

How's your hand? I have a booboo, too. I cut my finger on a knife in my utensil drawer...scoobydo bandaid saved me from going to the was as tight as a tourniquet around my cut finger. Funny thing, I got to my family's for Christmas and three of us had cut fingers! When it came time to clear away all the dirty dishes...we raised our booboos in unison!
Hope you are doing better and can type again real soon.

Fran said...

Praying for you...just checking on ya. I'm so sorry about the splint but, hey, its not a cast! :)

Take care of your sweet self!

Bev Brandon said...

splint?? what was the verdict? oh no...