Sunday, December 9, 2007

more prayer please

I really can't keep track of what day it is with working in retail this time of year...but I am checking in tonight to ask for some extra prayer. I pray that the Lord will put me on your heart to pray for. I REALLY need to finish transcribing oh a couple hundred reports so I can finish and take my test...and get a job. I also need to interrupt this blogging moment to say that Rod is passing some extremely rude gas on the couch. He has made it an art. As he passes gas I spray some VERY fragrant cinnimon vanilla (potent) room fragrance to ward off the boiled egg smell. He then which I reply: MY LUNGS!!

Back to my serious moment...I really need prayer. The courses have been way involved and I am running out of time. I really want to finish so I can stay at home with Morgan and not have to get a full-time job outside of my home.

I need God to show up in a BIG way. For so many reasons that I can't get into in blogland I am so overwhelmed! :)

-Love jenny


He Knows My Name said...

i am/will pray for you jenny. i will also pray for your stinkin lung disease rod gave you. :)) by the way they all think it is an art when it's really a fart. i just thought that one up...why has this blog gotten so base it is beyond me. prayer. you need prayer to finish transcribing and take your test all in the time you have left. yes and i am going to add san antonio for us both in 8 months. God can handle these things.

praying ~janel

can you divide up what you have left on the calendar breaking it down in small bites to set daily goals that are small and not so stressful but yet doable? i dun no. i'm just being a duh.

Heather said...

I am praying! So is Jeremy and Ryan too! We are praying for God to something new and Fresh and show up in a way that only He can! I'll keep checking in on you.

Oh do you know anyone who needs a ticket to SA? I *may* not be able to go. I'll tell you why later but we will know soon.

Teri said...

Father God I lift up Jenny this morning and I ask that you would move on her with your mighty power. I thank you that she loves you and that she is crying out for order right now in her free time. I pray that you would give her uninterrupted time to finish her transcribing. Father, you know her needs and you are able to meet them, all of them, even her financial need, even her need for a job. But you also know her heart for her child(ren) and especially the fact that she would love to be able to stay home with Morgan. Lord, you have put that in her heart. I know you will be faithful to that desire. I pray that you would show yourself HUGE in Jenny's life TODAY, in Jesus name, AMEN!