Friday, January 25, 2008

Because when you are two...

Morgan threw a cup of water on the floor on purpose last night and of course we headed straight up to her room for time out. I told you before she hates time out.
Well, she decided this time she was not going to spend her energy crying in her room. So...when I hear quiet I get a little nervous because she is ALWAYS into mischief if things are quiet. So, I head up stairs to find her stripped diaper and she was desperately trying to get one of the cutest 2 piece bikini's on. I couldn't do anything but laugh she was so cute. She is Queen of my heart that is for sure. One piece of advice people give constantly is to cherish the time because it goes bye so fast...don't worry I truly do. Nothing has brought more joy to my life than this little sweetie and I have savored every single day with her! So, I of course let her (along with a new diaper) get her bikini on. This was important stuff. I love the way her belly sticks out and she is just so proud. I wish I felt proud with a belly! LOL! So, it hit me...she saw a picture of her this summer in her swimsuit in her baby pool and so she was desperately trying to get outside in 34 degree weather to recreate the moment. I talked her into wearing her jammies over the swimsuit. Because she is two she is laying asleep next to me with her bathing suit and jammies on and I promised her she could go swimming in the tub this morning. So cute!! ps I actually went to bed before midnight and I swear I regret it since I am up at 3am!! WHAT WHAT?
Also, I think I have been wrestling God in my sleep or something I have been in some pain ever since my bragging on the clean kitchen. dang!


Fran said...

Have fun swimming in the tub!! You'll rememeber this one but take a picture!

Have fun!

bookworman said...

Hey, now I can relate to you. My daughter thinks it's bikini weather here. I guess the fact it is 14 degrees outside and there is snow on the ground just entices her more. Also, my baby girl Samantha "Sami" must have realized I finally got to bed before 1AM because she decided @ 4AM it was time to get we have Noggined and Sprouted out this morning.

Nicole said...


I wanted to say I appreciated your advice on the Titus LPM blog. I so agree with you. I was recently blogging myself about how, five years into my marriage, I do not envy newlyweds! I of course am happy for them, but I had to learn a few tough lessons (and continue to learn them) down the road of loving my husband and leaning on the Lord, and hte Lord alone, to meet my deepest needs. I think it is the number one lesson brides need to learn. And I always say that couples need post-marital counseling more than premarital. :)

You're also right on about not trying to fit your man into a certain mold, expecting him to be someone else, and to just trust the Lord with any changes that need to be made. This is part of the reason I love Beth, because she is open about the fact that her husband is a "maverick" and she wouldn't have him any other way.

I notice we like a lot of the same bible teachers, couldn't do with out my James McDonald and Ravi! I've notice a few of your comments at LPM a few times and always appreciate your perspective. Your child is adorable. :)

Blessings in Christ,


pinkmommy said...

It is difficult to discipline someone that is just cracking you up.

I sadly won't be able to go to San Antonio. I am due July 25th, and that is just too soon to be traveling with or without baby in my book.

Charity said...

How much sleep do you normally get? Bless your heart! I don't know how you function! That Morgan tickles me to death! I know what you mean about cherishing this time with these sweet babies! I could just eat Landon up with a spoon most days! (figure of speech! not literally! ha!) They are so much fun!

I totally feel responsible for your aching from cleaning the kitchen! lol!

Random...I ordered my Kelly Minter book from Lifeway's website. On, they say it won't be released until the first of April. Weird.

Amy said...

I love your Morgan stories!!!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Aw how cute! Imagine swimming in this weather! She is adorable. Do cherish this time it does go by so fast!
Much love,

Leigh said...

How precious!

I've tagged you for a meme ... go to my blog, copy and paste and tag some others ... if you have time, of course.

Jessica said...

Ahhh!!! I'll bet she was adorable with that swimsuit on! You are so right- if we could only be proud of our bellies sticking out, the world would be happier! Fat chance! Ha!