Friday, January 4, 2008

Nimrod Trivia

Well, I stayed up until 4:30 this morning so I am so very sleepy...anyway...
A couple of things I wanted to share. I have read this verse many times and was trying to reason my husbands love for hunting and somehow tie it in to the Lord. All I could come up with is that there is something in the name. Rod...Nim"rod".

Genesis 10:9
9 He was a mighty hunter before the LORD; that is why it is said, "Like Nimrod, a mighty hunter before the LORD."
Nim dude was a WARRIOR indeed. This mighty hunter before the LORD thing...
"His name seems to be connected with the verb "to rebel" (marad), tradition has identified him with tyrannical power. He was the founder of the earliest imperial world powers in Babylon and Assyria..."
The mighty hunter is a trait found commonly in Assyrian kings. "He was founder of several poweful cities. The centers he established became major enemies of Israel."

We have also all heard the term Nimrod...when meaning someone is "stupid, silly, or foolish." So, since the Lord in essence named us before the foundations...I got hope in my name...and Rod is Rod...hope for the Nimrod! LOL! Can you tell I am tired!! Is that disrespectful? =) Just trying to tie things in with the word...I am only KIDDING.

No but really...I was going to share about my New Years Eve as well. I never want to broadcast on the internet (in case I have any stalkers j/k) when Rod is gone on a hunt. He left Monday morning and came back yesterday. Well, for New Years Eve Morgan and I went to my favorite restaurant, J. Alexanders. The food was delicious! People always look at me funny when Morgan and I go out to eat. I guess there is some unwritten rule that you can't take your two year old out to eat without looks. The thing is...I can't always wait to live my life or go out to eat when hunting season is over or whatever. I get there and a girl that used to be in my Sunday school class saw me and she had me seated at her table. Then, the hostess figured out what church I went to and told the Regional manager because he goes there to. Well, he came out and spoke to nice. Then, he told my friend that I should order dessert on the house! I usually don't get dessert but we went for it. When they brought the BIG FAT piece of chocolate cake out it had a candle on it. My friend and I share the same bday. I am getting to my point. You remember my post about my bday being cruddy?! Well, the Lord was so sweet to me on New Years Eve. He, along with Morgan, was my date. I truly felt like that cake was from the me as a belated bday cake. I got free dinner (thanks to my friend Jessica...she sent me the gift card) and birthday cake.
Morgan and I have a lot of fun together so my time with her is always WELL spent. Remember those my buddy dolls? (I think they had to redo him since he looked a lot like chucky. I won't link to him but he was weird and scary and used to freak my little brother and cousin out!) She is like the real live little my buddy. HERE is the old my buddy commercial if anyone needs a little blast from the past. LOL!!!

ps my quotes are from the Bible Knowledge Commentary on the OT.


Bev Brandon said...

My girls had "My Buddy" dolls....ooohhh! They are here somewhere and in the next few weeks they will be found as my son is going through the girls' rooms to clean them out from forever. I loved that your Loving LORD lavished you with a birthday delight. Was Morgan up at 4:30am??? Again??? Oh dear. Were you waking up or going to bed??? You got up before you went to bed. I just LOVE your heart for your beautiful God. I laughed at your nimrod trivia. Your God is moving in your life Jenny HOPE...

He Knows My Name said...

you are so funny, hope for nim-rod!!! your dinner out was heaven sent don't you think. what a special night. morgan is so blessed to have you for her mom. you guys are going to go far together.

my son was born in '88 and we got him the buddy doll. he refused to play with it from the get go and to this day says that doll was possessed :0) we still make fun of it. you just brought back some good memories.

hugs ~janel

Heather said...

so funny. i LOVE that restaurant. call me next time you need a date:)

wornoutwoman said...

Oh how sweet is this post! I totally understand about not posting your hubby is gone for safety's sake. I'm the same way. I love NIMROD...that is a great story.
As far as your cake---what a blessing indeed. God always tells us He loves us in the most amazingly simple ways. If we're in tune, we can hear Him loud and clear all day. Im so glad I found your page!!!
(wornoutwoman aka blessed1 from daily blessings)

Leigh said...

My Buddy, My Buddy, My Buddy and Me!-oh yeah! I recall....
Glad you had a nice "make up" birthday.

Jessica said...

Awww! How sweet is it that the manager came out to talk to you! That doesn't seem to happen much anymore in this crazy world! I'm so glad it was a blessed night for you. We need those kind of nights to pull us through the hard times. : )

Susan said...

Okay, seriously...everyone looks at you and Morgan when you go out alone because of the following:

You are so daggone beautiful.
Morgan is the cutest little doll baby..ever.
Folks are wondering, "what man was crazy enough to let this woman out alone?" you know why you draw the stares!

Faith @ The Great Adventure said...

Girl, you are so funny!! Oh and "My buddy and meeeeeeeeee" does bring back memories; thanks for the blast from the past. :) THanks for sharing about the Lord reaching out to you with a birthday cake! :) I love how He works!

Bev Brandon said...

are you up???
are you sleeping???
what about morgan???

Ang baylis said...

Oh my, Jenny! What a sweet story! I'm glad you feel comfortable going out to dinner with Morgan. I need to catch up on some reading because I don't remember how crummy your birthday was. Oops! Please forgive me!

Happy belated Birthday!
Angie xoxo

Fran said...

You made me laugh in this post, you made me think, and then I gave thanks to Jesus for giving you the gift of dessert! He's so sweet that way!


pinkmommy said...

Girl, I know exactly what you mean about hunting season. It is over here now, so nice to have the hubby back!! Soon will be time to go fishing, but I don't mind that because we all go together.

And the Princess and I go out to eat alone all the time.

Oh yeah, and thanks I will have the My Buddy song stuck in my head all day.