Monday, January 28, 2008

Here is another one that I hung up in my hallway. I did this one a few years ago. I ALWAYS use a paint pen to write out the scripture. I HAVE NO patience to do it with a paint brush. It is not that great but a good way for me to Deut 6:9 "Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates."

This is such a bad shot of this pic and it was taken with the camera phone. Anyway, I am not finished with it...but it is a crown (or supposed to be LOL) it is a cute green with white polka dots to match the colors in morgs room. =)


Charity said...

SUPER CUTE!! I bet Jessica McCash is inspiring you isn't she?! She is SO talented...she is inspiring me!

You did a GREAT job on that! I know it will look precious in her room!

BethAnne said...


He Knows My Name said...

very cute. your i love your lettering style. is it fabric? that's what the pic looks like, and what a beautiful verse for her to know! hugs ~janel

Bev Brandon said...

Hey Jen, the reading for today is Gen 42-44...I don't know why the #'s keep changing on me...problem is this...PEBKAC...of course~!

Love you Lots!!!
Tried to facebook you this a.m. and who knows what I was doing???

HisTreasuredPossession said...

love it LOVE IT!! Keep tell her that till she's 30! Lord knows our girls need to know the KING is enthralled before they start thinking of any boy being that way!

jennyhope said...

i have been painting scripture on canvas for several years now. trust me i am not good at it but i like to have the word around my house. i dont draw or anything my twin sister got every bit of that ability! She can sing and draw like nobodies business!! =)
Morgan pulled this one out of the closet or I probably would not have finished it.

Fran said...

I love them both!!!! Mine would look ridiculous and completey crazy. Yours look fantastic.

I'm proud of you. When do you start taking orders??!! :)


mandy said...

love it!

NYC said...

Those were so cute! I wish I were crafty, but I am not :)

Julie said...

Do you have to be good at drawing to do this???
Cause I can write, pretty neat...but drawing, well no way. I can't even draw a stick figure.

I LOVE the verse "The King is enthralled with your beauty." The first time I ever heard that verse was through Captivating a few years ago. When Stasi Eldredge said that verse I about fell out of my chair.

I was in my late 40's been in the church all life, in youth groups, attended MANY retreats. Never had I heard that verse. I have made sure my daughters know this verse!

I think it is awesome that you are telling your daughter..

Oh, and I have a Facebook too!

Have a blessed night!

Emily said...

cute! when we moved into our new house a few years ago, God gave me the idea to decorate with scripture in some similar ways. i never got around to it! i am inspired to revisit the ideas and get it going, thanks!

Leigh said...

Awesome Mz Jessica Jr! You need to sell those! I would so put my order in for the grey one. Great job!
You should look at my bloggy giveaway and do that on your site.
Also, I have been thinking you so need to be a motivational speaker. I am serious. Through your church you could get started speaking to womens groups. Beth Moore JR. Jessica and Beth, not a bad mix!

Leisha said...


I love these !!! - I too have been painting scripture for the past few years and have struggeled with painting the letters - I am thrilled to hear that you have successfully used a paint pen - I had not thought of that!!! I would love to know what you have used and where you purchase them.....keep up the great inspiring work!!

In Him,


Anonymous said...

Too cute! We have plans to paint "the King's daughter is all glorious within" on our daughter's bedroom wall, but I like the idea of the crown in yours...very cute!

Maryanna said...

Okay, I'm totally going to copy some of your art work to decorate my house. tehehehe!