Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rick Burgess' son Bronner


Please pray for the Burgess family. Bronner their two year old son drowned yesterday.HERE is the statement on their website. They were actually a few rooms down (when Bronner was born) when I was in the hospital on bed rest with Morgan. So sad.

CLICK HERE to read the article from the Birmingham News.

CLICK HERE to read the article from ABC/3340

from Scott Dawson


Leigh said...

So incredibly sad. I too am praying. I cannot imagine. I only pray that they feel the prayer that certainly encircles this family.

Bev Brandon said...

Jen, I will certainly pray for this precious family in their overwhelming tremendous loss that they sense the presence and the power of their God they so honor in their immediate words out of their mouths. I don't know what to say except how sorry I am for their incredible loss of this precious boy they loved so much. Job has been so real on our minds. I'm posting right now what God stirred in my heart from the book. Praying for the Burgess family in their unbelievable loss.

maryanna said...

Yes, girl. I'm praying. It just breaks my heart. Please keep Sherri in your prayers, too b/c I know satan can really attack with guilt and blame. And also pray for Bronner's other 2 brothers that were watching tv with him right before. I know satan can attack them especially when they get older of guilt and blaming themselves as well. This was truely and accident. And yes, let's all pray for the whole family.

Charity said...

Oh my goodness...I almost posting something about this earlier!! I am just SICK TO MY STOMACH for them!! I watched Rick and Bubba on Turner South several years ago when they were on TV. She was pregnant with him around the same time I was pregnant with Landon and you were probably preggers with Morgan!

I just love their show! I love how they are all about witnessing to others and sharing the gospel openly on secular radio stations!!

I have soooooo been praying for them today! I can't get them off my mind!

Fran said...

Hey girl...
My mother in law called this morning to tell me this news. They own a radio station and Rick and Bubba are their morning show.
You feel like you know them. I couldn't believe it. Just devastating.

Life can change in a minute. Press on toward Him. We are so blessed.


NYC said...

This is horrible; may they press toward and rest in the Lord.

connorcolesmom said...

Oh Jenny that is so sad!
I sit here in tears as I think about the hurt that family must be going through. I will lift them up in prayer and put them on my prayer list.
May God give them comfort during this difficult time!