Monday, January 28, 2008

LOL and poor Morgan

For those of you that don't know LOL stands for Laugh out loud...or we could make it mean lots of love...anyway...
I am about to go to sleep and it just occurred to me that Morgan is supposed to dress up as a nursery rhyme character tomorrow morning. aahh! It is supposed to be something you can get from your house and you aren't supposed to buy anything. So, y'all...poor Morgan. It just hit me in a moment of despair. She is going to be Mary had a little lamb. For a low budget costume I am going to make her a name tag that reads "Mary" and make her hold one of her little lambs. I thought of this all by myself...can you tell?

I also am finishing my post that is a continuation to my last one for anyone who cares. I will publish it in the morning as I seek to study and eat yet another bagel at Panera!! =)


Charity said...

PRECIOUS! I know she will look adorable! You better take some pictures!

Looking forward to your continuation!

Bev Brandon said...

Morgan will love the little lamb and she'll be the baby with the little lamb now...the baby in the bunny blanket still keeps SHOWING UP at random clicks...B3...


We did a lamb costume IN A HURRY one time and just glued hundreds of cotton balls to the worked...then you throw away clothing...we've been there with four kids gluing and pasting at last minute cause mom understand!