Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Not to brag or anything because that would be wrong...

Seriously, I have spent the last couple of hours in my kitchen cleaning and you could very seriously now sit down on my tile floor and eat off of that floor with me. But we would have to be crazy to do that.

Charity got me thinking about the Magic eraser*s. I so love them! So, I bleached the counters and etc and then began to get on my hands and knees to clean the floor. I am not ready to say goodbye to my mop because sometimes the wetjet* just doesn't do the trick. If you have ceramic tile and the grout has gotten very dirty...and if you are real bored j/k...(oh I buy the generic erasers from Walmart) take that eraser and you will be shocked as you clean that grout how clean it gets. It also gets grease off...I use it to clean my leather couches (probably not a good idea but I do it anyway and it works beautifully). I practically use those bad boys everywhere...I use it to get scuff marks off all of the doors. I have always loved to clean but then I get really mad when things start messing up. I used to vacuum the carpet like the way a football field was cut and I would ask my sisters to walk on the couches to keep from messing up my fresh vacuum tracks (can anybody say crazy...and thankfully I am free from that madness). My next carpet of choice will be berber). I had major issues back then and almost went into a melt down over it because I wanted some order. So, I really don't get all compulsive with the cleaning...just a few pet 1. No dishes left in the sink ever. 2. toilets must be cleaned on a continual basis especially when you have a child who likes to dip her bippee in them. 3. I do like my floors to be vacuumed so I keep the vacuum out as a stationary item...kind of like furniture. 4. I don't like to get behind on laundry. Does anyone have any cleaning pet peeves or am I the only one?
My house has a long long way to go but the kitchen is a start! have i bored you to death or what?

Another thing real quick. Rod comes home tonight with a 20 pound bag of boneless chicken (which is great because I don't eat meat on the bone) that he got free from a customer (uh hum...the Lord). I am really trying to be frugal and I just accepted this as some quail (Exodus 16) from the Lord. I have raw meat issues but I divided up all of the chicken into plastic bags and I must admit I grumbled that the raw meat was getting on my hands (Rod knows I hate it and he accidentally flung some raw chicken juice in my face...sick)...I even told the Lord out loud that I was sorry for complaining about what He provided because of my raw meat issues...but I put it back on Him and told Him that He made me this way...LOL! We will be having chicken a thousand different ways and maybe even eating it off of the floor...yummy. I seriously love His provision for me and my family when I wait on Him.


Profbaugh said...

Okay, I seriously need you to come to my house and clean. I HATE it--don't have enough time in the day for it. . and I have 3 teens, a hubby, a little mutt and now a cat (oh don't even get me started on the cat). Needless to say, nothing stays clean very long at our house. I'm learning (although I don't LIKE it) to adapt to at least a little disorder. Oh my!! Jenny please come and visit soon. . . I N-E-E-D you!!!!!


jennyhope said...

Oh please no one think i get my house all clean i just try but when you have a busy 2 year old who is into it all nothing stays clean!!

Fran said...

Not so much anymore but we could possibly have a "clean the house showdown!" :) 3 kids later...its not so easy.

But, I am proud of you on the cleaning thing and the chicken thing!

Hope today is a good day!

Leigh said...

I am with you on # 3. As a matter of fact m,y vacum sits beside me right now. Wit a ridiclous amount of both dogs and kids it is a must. I too posted on the eraser. I LOVE that!!I even wrote the company a love letter.
My new big thing (and I go through bottles of it) is clorox oxy in the spray bottle. Amazing. Seriously thinking of taking out stock since I didnt invent it. AT least I'd get dividened on the money I am investing in the stuff.

HAve to say I lothe dusting. Not becasue it is hard but it is pointless. I dust, next day, dust as deep. I now have a little sign that reads, "Please don't disturb the dust. It protects the furniture".

Anonymous said...

I heart a magic eraser!! Now if I could get it to use itself... then it would be perfect!

Charity said...

You absolutely CRACK ME UP!! I sorry if I spurred you to get on your hands and knees and scrub your kitchen floor! LOL LOL!! You know what...I love the feeling of accomplishment after all the hard work! It is great to stand back and say, "hey I did a GREAT JOB!"! Ha! And I can't stand it when Brady comes in with his MUDDY shoes after I have just mopped! I mean...HELLO!

I too have my cleaning pet-peeves. I think it is worse now that I am home with Landon! I think it is because I see it more! I LOVE to vacuum...I hate to mop! I have to vacuum like every other day because of all the shedding Marlie does. I mean dog hair dust-bunnies ALL THE TIME! I LOVE for my kitchen to be clean!

I have an idea for should buy yourself some rubber gloves to wear when you handle the raw meat. I also don't like to touch it...I usually try to have a fork in both hands and handle it like that.

Lastly...if there is a man in the house...toilets almost need to be cleaned after EACH use. Why are they so gross! At least that is how it is at my house! Whew! Lol!